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Exam: VMware Certified Professional on VI4
Size: 1.54 MB
Posted: 2011-06-14
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Download: VMware.Passleader.VCP-410.v2011-06-14.by.vmspook.559q.vce

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    • Anthony from China 10 22 2011, 8:56 AM Report Spam
      To WhiteRabbit

      The #19 answer is correct and should be 9G. Because if you open a vCenter5 and go to the vCenter Server Settings, Statistics, there is a built-in tool for database size estimation.
      Input the 10 hosts and 100 VMs with level 1.The size is 1.09G
      Change the level to 4 now and the size is 10.67G.

      So 9G is correct.


    • j from United States 10 20 2011, 3:51 PM Report Spam
      can someone give me some verification on question 20?
      Is it C or D?
    • fcuk from Sweden 10 19 2011, 4:41 PM Report Spam
      pnikies q 146 thank you a c
      After a failure, when a virtual machine in a vSphere HA cluster is powered on for the first time, the virtual machine goes into an unprotected state. It remains in an unprotected state until the master host tells vCenter Server that it has written the configuration file to disk. The master host maintains a list of protected virtual machines and stores this list on each datastore where a protected virtual machine is located. This list is updated after each user-initiated power on and power off operation.
      When the master host loses management network connectivity with a slave host, datastores are used as a communication channel. The master host uses heartbeat datastores to determine whether the slave host has failed and is in a network partition or is isolated from the network. If the slave host has stopped heartbeating, it is considered to have failed and its virtual machines are restarted elsewhere.
    • j from United States 10 19 2011, 2:00 PM Report Spam
    • pnikies from France 10 19 2011, 12:56 PM Report Spam
      Q146 : I'd choose A&C
    • pnikies from France 10 19 2011, 12:37 PM Report Spam
      Q153 : D (root/password)
      See Installation Setup Guide.pdf
    • fullwolf from Taiwan 10 19 2011, 11:09 AM Report Spam
      I Ifail this test today only 270 ,not correct!!
    • VmwareUser from United Kingdom 10 19 2011, 9:59 AM Report Spam
      Took this exam yesterday, I used the pass4sure guide (paid for) which i beleive is a copy of this anyway or vice versa. Of course this was not worth the money. As stated earlier there are a lot of questions in the real exam that do no appear on these dumps. I had about 15, also there are a lot of wrong answers in this dump as also stated. Some of the answers have extra options added in the real exam just so you are aware. I did pass the exam but only just. I have been using vmware for a number of years so this did help. I certainly would not rely on these dumps to get you through as at present it is not enough.
      Good luck to everyone.
    • fcuk from Sweden 10 19 2011, 5:44 AM Report Spam

      Q28 – I believe is wrong as well.

      There is a new feature in ESXi 5 called 'Datastore Heartbeating' which stops clusters from failing over if it's just the management network experiencing problems.


      I'd choose B for Q28.

      thank for the info i would tip also like that

    • Duc Thanh from Vietnam 10 19 2011, 5:00 AM Report Spam
      sorry. The ques 11: A+C
    • Duc Thanh from Vietnam 10 19 2011, 4:57 AM Report Spam
      Hi all.
      The question 11: C+D
      because: " After you install the ESXi 5 firewall, it's configured to block incoming and outgoing traffic, except for the default TCP and UDP ports used for management access, such as SSH (22), DNS (53), DHCP (68). Note that ICMP (ping) port is enabled to each ESXi host by default."
    • WhiteRabbit from Australia 10 19 2011, 3:43 AM Report Spam
      Q28 – I believe is wrong as well.

      There is a new feature in ESXi 5 called 'Datastore Heartbeating' which stops clusters from failing over if it's just the management network experiencing problems.


      I'd choose B for Q28.

    • fcuk from Sweden 10 19 2011, 3:20 AM Report Spam
      q126 logging , b d ?

      unique account to access ESXi hosts.

      a b ?

    • WhiteRabbit from Australia 10 19 2011, 3:02 AM Report Spam
      @fcuk … You're correct RE Q14, but I believe that is still the correct answer combination.

      I believe that #20 may also be incorrect, and the answer should be D

      REF – http://www.redirect.am/?http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-50/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.vcli.examples.doc_50/cli_manage_storage.6.8.html

    • WhiteRabbit from Australia 10 19 2011, 2:52 AM Report Spam
      I also believe that #19 is incorrect.

      Using the Database Sizing Calculator (provided by vmware – Google it) set to 10 hosts + 100 VM's I'm getting:

      Level 1 (default) = 1.3GB
      Level 4 (max) = 6.9GB

      Additional storage = 6.9GB – 1.3GB = 5.6GB

      Options are:
      A: 6GB
      B: 9GB
      C: 3GB
      D: 1GB

      The dump suggests B (9GB), where I think it should be A (6GB)

    • fcuk from Sweden 10 19 2011, 2:45 AM Report Spam

      q 14 level is set to vmwaresupported


      vmwaresupported dont exist!!! so learn all so you know it

    • pnavahal from United States 10 19 2011, 2:15 AM Report Spam

      u r right it should be A+C


      Q77 answer should be B & C.

    • WhiteRabbit from Australia 10 19 2011, 2:08 AM Report Spam
      I don't believe that your suggestion for #11 is correct.

      C is definitely correct, but I don't think that D is. The ESXi firewall does NOT block SSH by default.

      The only other option that would make sense to me then would be A.

      Q11 – A + C

      What do other people think?

    • Billy from United States 10 18 2011, 2:24 PM Report Spam
      Oh Thank You
    • t9n from Spain 10 18 2011, 2:12 PM Report Spam
      Billy, in Visual CertExam Suite, use Exam Designer
    • Billy from United States 10 18 2011, 2:00 PM Report Spam
      How can you give the question number when every time you start the test it starts at a different number??
    • john from Canada 10 18 2011, 1:00 PM Report Spam
      hi can someone please fix the wrong questions and put the dump up with right answers. that will be awesome work by someone whos already passed this test.
      thanks anyway for looking at it.
    • Fcuk from Sweden 10 18 2011, 9:45 AM Report Spam
      10 ESXi 5.x hosts will be installed as part of vSphere 5 deployment. Security hardening is required as part of the installation. The current security profile is displayed in the exhibit.
      Which three services shown in the exhibit can be disabled to secure the hosts with nominal impact to administrative operation? (Choose three)

      a b c

    • John from United Kingdom 10 18 2011, 9:05 AM Report Spam
      Thanks Kikito and FCUK – much appreciated.
    • Fcuk from Sweden 10 18 2011, 8:59 AM Report Spam
      Thank you Kikito

      i have 16 b c

      que 97

      The database server administrator requests a virtual machine with a small system disk and a single data disk that must be 3TB in size. The storage administrator has already created a 3TB LUN. A 500GB VMFS3 datastore already exists.

      Acme Disposal Services is a large company which has many administrators. For auditing purpose, each administrator must use a unique account to access ESXi hosts.
      a b

    • Dood from Canada 10 18 2011, 8:08 AM Report Spam
      I just passed my VCP and all I can tell you that most of these questions are on the test. I did hyave about 10 new ones but were relatively close to these ones or VCP 410 ones. I also have to mention that bulk of these question are wrong, you can find most of the answers in the VMWARE documentation center also I strong le recommand reading. vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-security-guide,vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-networking-guide,vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-resource-management-guide, and vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-storage-guide especialy the storage guide. Also lots of these question are missing wording some answer choices.
    • Kikito from Spain 10 18 2011, 7:44 AM Report Spam
      My corrections till now, please say anything…
      5, B
      11 C y D
      30 D
      47 A y C
      54 B y C
      58 C
      77 B y C
    • Kikito from Spain 10 17 2011, 1:26 PM Report Spam
      I'm going into the dum an looking for wrong questions. Till now I see questions 5, 11, 16 and 32 are wrong.
    • JOhn from United Kingdom 10 17 2011, 5:06 AM Report Spam
      As the below commenter said a lot of the questions from the exam are in this dump, but most of the answers are wrong. Just need someone to go through and edit them and it would be good to go.

      A lot of the configuration min/max questions are from the SLOG and not in the exam.

    • Roshan from AUS from Australia 10 16 2011, 9:58 PM Report Spam
      Today I sat for the exam and it was not success. I got only 260. Most of the questions from this dump and its variations. I think this dump contain lots of error (for answers). Nothing from maximums. Lots of questions from vDS.
    • Qugh from Germany 10 14 2011, 7:39 PM Report Spam
      @CS as I posted you may not find Configuration Maximums on the real Exam. 05be one or none. There are over 200 Questons inside the VCE Files which are not realy part of the real Exam. They were taken from Simon Longs Blog (Slog)!
    • j from United States 10 14 2011, 3:24 PM Report Spam
      @CS do you remember any specific ones that were on the exam?
    • 3 questions from pass from Sweden 10 14 2011, 3:36 AM Report Spam
      I just did the test and I got 1 question on config max (happy), and about 60 questions were from this dump (and some were from the vcp4 exam).
      But I did select the same answer as in the dump so I would conclude that there are a lot of errors in this one.
    • ToClose from United States 10 13 2011, 6:09 PM Report Spam
      Just wanted to post that i did pass the test, but it was way to close, only by a very few points. i did see about 65 questions from these dumps on the real test but they added more answers options to pick from. There was about 20 new questions i have not seen before. i suggest to wait and get newer dumps,
      and yes there is a lot of wrong Answers in these VCE Files!
    • Gk from Vietnam 10 13 2011, 3:10 AM Report Spam
      @DeanUK: Many thanks for the link. Can you please take a look at this dump and tell us it's valid or not?
      Thank you.
    • DeanUK from United Kingdom 10 12 2011, 11:58 AM Report Spam
      Passed my exam today, without the help of any of these sheets as they are all very poor quality with many incorrect answers.

      Use this blog it is amazing :)

    • Panneer from India 10 12 2011, 9:40 AM Report Spam

      You can use the same Voucher till feb 28th 2012 for free upgrade to VCP 5.0

    • Mohamed Ibrahim from Unknown 10 12 2011, 5:05 AM Report Spam
      Hi Raju,

      If you want certificate, just completed vcp-410 with the voucher. Then write the exam vcp-510 before feb 2012. You cant directly go to vcp-510 without course

    • Shahid Raza from India 10 12 2011, 2:15 AM Report Spam
      hi raju
      yes you can appear in exam till feb 2012 and you will get certificate too
    • Bob from United Kingdom 10 12 2011, 1:00 AM Report Spam

      I believe you can use the voucher to take the exam, but you won't get the VCP5 certification without doing the VCP5 course (or the update course).


    • BigLee from United States 10 12 2011, 12:25 AM Report Spam
      This looks pretty valid. The update is recent.
    • raju from India 10 11 2011, 9:51 AM Report Spam
      I have taken vmware course (vcp-410 )and exam voucher 6 month back. Can i write VCP-510 exam on the same voucher.


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