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Download VMware.Lead2Pass.VCP-510.v2013-08-26.by.gubu84.394q.vce

Exam: VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5
Size: 4.58 MB
Posted: 2013-08-26
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Download: VMware.Lead2Pass.VCP-510.v2013-08-26.by.gubu84.394q.vce

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    • vSphereClone from Netherlands 02 09 2012, 7:49 AM Report Spam
      Dump updated (v11.5): VMware Braindump VCP-510 v2012-02-07 by vSphereClone 396q.vce
    • Farooque from India 02 09 2012, 7:45 AM Report Spam
      Can anybody has promotion code for VCP5 (India)
    • shiva* from India 02 07 2012, 4:28 PM Report Spam

      First of all congrats for your result

      i would like to know from which location you have attended the exam in INDIA.??

    • Anup from India 02 07 2012, 11:44 AM Report Spam
      passed today

      Dump is Valid, but I felt, it’s just 60 % from B. Some were from EXAM A as well.
      Some New Questions. Some from VCP 410 exam.

      But, finally did it…. ??

    • Antovarun from India 02 07 2012, 9:18 AM Report Spam
      Hi, vSphereClone I'm relying on your 11.3, Hope it works well.. Anyone who cleared the exam with this 11.3?
    • vSphereClone from Netherlands 02 07 2012, 6:42 AM Report Spam
    • ram from United States 02 06 2012, 8:19 PM Report Spam
      Hi All,

      Today I passed the VCP 510 exam and I got 85%. The questions came from Exam-B. and most of them are wrong. Thanks to vsphere king

    • jason_will from United Kingdom 02 06 2012, 6:18 PM Report Spam
      thanks ceryfy. so do i only need to study the 118 questions in section B of this exam. sorry to sound dumn
    • Jim from United States 02 06 2012, 2:46 PM Report Spam
      Are the answers all correct in Exam B? Can someone please confirm?
    • Antovarun from United States 02 06 2012, 12:53 PM Report Spam
      ceryfy , Many thanks,
    • ceryfy from Canada 02 05 2012, 10:25 PM Report Spam
      @ jason_will: This is the dump name with exam B. VMware Braindump VCP-510 v2012-01-30 by vSphereKing 388q.vce
    • jason_will from United Kingdom 02 05 2012, 10:00 PM Report Spam
      Im not seeing the exam B that people are reffering to in this dump. Any help
    • West from United Kingdom 02 05 2012, 6:12 PM Report Spam
      @SBathusha Call Pearson Vue and explain what happened. Contact numbers on website
    • ceryfy from Canada 02 05 2012, 5:51 PM Report Spam
      Exam B with 156 questions is enough to pass. Thanks to SphereKing.
    • SBathusha from Kuwait 02 05 2012, 6:54 AM Report Spam
      Hi Guys, i have scheduled the exam yesterday in one of the center in kuwait through pearson VUE website. After i went to center, the center was closed, the security told me to come on tomorrow. So i went today, they said you have to call pearson vue directly to reschedule the exam. In my pearson vue login, it's showing "No Show". What should i do? please advise me guys.
    • Antovarun from India 02 05 2012, 6:35 AM Report Spam
      Sorry, Just 154 questions in Exam B, is it suffice?
    • Antovarun from India 02 05 2012, 6:33 AM Report Spam
      Berek, you mean the Exam B which had 171 questions is suffice to pass?
    • kalaiarasi from India 02 05 2012, 4:36 AM Report Spam
      Any Discount or Promo code for VCP5 valid in India??

      Thank you in advance

    • berket from Canada 02 04 2012, 5:41 PM Report Spam
      Just passed in Canada,…exam b is 100% valid. Only 4 or 5 questions that were different but easy to figure out. Thanks to vspehereking. Study exam b and you shall be fine do it quick before they change it up
    • Antovarun from India 02 04 2012, 5:07 PM Report Spam
      Derek, How do you want in – in PDF format? or in VCE? and how should I share it, upload it to the exam collection site? or you want the media fire link?
    • Derek from Malaysia 02 04 2012, 3:36 PM Report Spam
      Antovarun: Can you share the v11.2 dump from vSphereKing. I having trouble download it from here.
    • Antovarun from India 02 04 2012, 3:18 PM Report Spam
      Thanks Anup,
      I downloaded the 11.2 from a Media fire link, that has Both Exam A and Exam B, Keeping my fingers crossed, going to start the preparation to appear for the exam, I hope they don't change the question, I'm in dire need to complete it within 29th of 02 as I'm VCP 4.0 certified and this is my last resort…

      All, Please keep posted about the dump validation, lets help each other :)

    • Derrick from Malaysia 02 04 2012, 12:56 PM Report Spam
      the download link "http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15701544/VMWare.BrainDump.VCP-510.v2012.01.31.387q.vSpk-V11.2.rar" has been temporarily disabled!.
      Could anyone share it out if you have it.
    • vSphereClone from Netherlands 02 04 2012, 10:23 AM Report Spam
    • Anup from India 02 04 2012, 9:06 AM Report Spam
      @ Antovarun from India :-

      vsphereking 388 dump…. that dump has EXAM A & B …….

    • Antovarun from India from India 02 04 2012, 6:52 AM Report Spam
      Hi Razor / Dump Chopper,

      You were mentioning about Exam 'B' , but on this dump there is only one set of 520Questions, that's Exam 'A' , let me know, which exactly is the Valid Dump.

      Also I could see many have mentioned V11.2 is Valid, is it different from what is uploaded here, if so can anyone provide the download link.

      And Guys anyone from India who recently completed this certification?

    • stelephan from United States 02 03 2012, 2:11 PM Report Spam
      @vsphereclone Please, could you tell me where to find vsphereking v11.2 dump ? Thanks
    • VCP5-NOW from United Kingdom 02 03 2012, 10:44 AM Report Spam
      Passed today 370…. all questions came from Exam B of the 11.2 test. Thanks guys.. this dump is 100% valid
    • Sleezeball from Netherlands 02 03 2012, 9:28 AM Report Spam
      Going to write my exam next week. Hope it will not change to much! I would like to thank everyone who made these testexams available and putting all their time and affort in it for the benefit of people they don't even know. You know who you are ;-)
    • raZor from Unknown 02 03 2012, 8:54 AM Report Spam
      I do agree DumpChopper – guys should make sure that they understand Visual Cert Manager. Also I think Exam B is it! been going through a lot of VCEs but the v11.2 is really the best currently! been studying 2 months and watching this site and many others for updates. Thanks vSphereKing and ALL others for your effort to keep the scene alive! O i'll be writing the exam 22 02 and hope VMware will not change the exam Qs soon.
    • vSphereClone from Netherlands 02 03 2012, 8:02 AM Report Spam
      The best dump is the dump from vSphereKing (version 11.2)!!
    • DumpChopper from United States 02 02 2012, 4:01 PM Report Spam
      I think there is a very real possibility that some people are NOT studying the entire dump. ie: Those that are not as familiar with the VCE software may be studying only the A test and thus assuming that the entire dump has become invalidated. If some of you that are saying that it is now invalid could please check your VCE and make sure you are using both A & B it would be very helpful to all of us. I bring this to light because there seem to have been numerous questions from posters on this blog in the last 24 hours about the dump having less questions than its title implies. Please let us know. This could very well be leading to a false sense of doom for this dump. Thanks.
    • Test_Taker from United States 02 02 2012, 1:42 PM Report Spam
      I took the test on 02 1. Luckily my solid skill on vmware get me passed. The dump covers less than 30% of the questions. Probably a lot of new questions are added recently.
    • valid from Netherlands 02 02 2012, 1:12 PM Report Spam
      the dump is still valid!
    • Kalle from Germany 02 02 2012, 12:17 PM Report Spam
      This DUmp is the same as vSpherekinga newest dump only with min and max questions. Still valid in germany.
    • virtual from Unknown 02 02 2012, 11:12 AM Report Spam
      this dump is not vaild…today i am failed 275
    • VCP5Wannabe from United Kingdom 02 02 2012, 10:28 AM Report Spam
      guys are sying the latest vshepere exam is now out of date… i find it hard to beleive they have changed up already.. at least i hope now.. anyone else?
    • vSphereClone from Netherlands 02 02 2012, 10:23 AM Report Spam
      Last thursday it was valid.
    • VCP5Wannabe from United Kingdom 02 02 2012, 10:13 AM Report Spam
      is this valid??? anyone.. i heard they have changed again?
    • vSphereClone from Netherlands 02 02 2012, 8:47 AM Report Spam
      I tink this one is almost the same as the one from vSphereKing.

      This VCE is an exact copy of the 520questions from prepking.com.
      Min / max questions included, but not needed for the exam!


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