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Exam: VMware Certified Professional on VI4
Size: 166.97 KB
Posted: 2012-08-31
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Download: VMware.Braindump2go.VCP-410.v60.0v2009-10-06.by.James.300q.vce

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    • IT-Tip from Russian Federation 01 13 2011, 6:13 PM Report Spam
      I would not recommend this dump – some answers are incorrect and even questions formulation are confusing and contradict spirit of the real exam. That's my feeling. Passed on 12ember 29. Used 545q dump from this site, mock exam, free online exams, blueprint, a lot of reading and hands-on experience of corporate IT infrastructure virtualization.
    • Robert from United States 01 06 2011, 4:55 PM Report Spam
      Which documents i can go with, i already started with ESXi4.1 documentations from VMware pubs. I'm doubt if i can read ESXi4.0 or ESXi4.1 ? Suggest me.,
    • Rene from Netherlands 12 28 2010, 1:56 PM Report Spam

      Pearson/VUE do not write the tests, VMware does.

      Pearson/VUE receives the exam package in encrypted form on their testing server, they can't see it's contents.

      The exam content is only displayed on the PC you take the test on, and after the test is completed the package is destroyed, only the exam result remains and is sent back to VMware.

    • John from United States 12 28 2010, 3:42 AM Report Spam

      You truely are a JackA$$. Yes Vue does read this. I can confirm it. They write the tests dumba$$ and they are highly highly protective of them. They know what tests are seeded and not, and they also know exactly where they are coming from. BTW this isn't spam. Anyway, I wont piss in your pool anymore but just letting you know they know how to swap the test pool and questions. Just read the comments. They speak for themselves. Don't get caught. Addios. By the way, don't you find it odd that some stranger would just get on here and post this??? Think about it.

    • Yaknow from Belarus 12 27 2010, 3:54 PM Report Spam
      @Yahoo and Ridzuan iPerintis
      Thanks a lot
    • Yahoooo! from Lithuania 12 27 2010, 3:18 PM Report Spam
      Have passed exam today. Surprising, but many (like 25%) of questions were from old dump- I have used http://www.examcollection.com/vmware/VMware.CertifyMe.VCP-410.v9.0.by.Conan.330q.vce.file.html

      It is not enough to study dump only, I have studied many aditional sources, but yes, these dumps really help – some questions are exact match, and those dont matching will help to study right areas vmware, as without this you have no idea how exam can look at all. So if you study without trying just to memorize right answer, but trying to get why this answer is correct, you will pass.

      And, if you know 25% of right answers, you have to get aditional 35% from 75% that are left to pass.

    • Yaknow from Belarus 12 27 2010, 9:39 AM Report Spam
      pearson vue has nothing else to do but read this forum
      provide your exam experience or new questions
      or don't spam otherwise
    • bob from Unknown 12 27 2010, 9:37 AM Report Spam
      Recently passed this test, although not by much.
      I saw maybe 20 out of 85 questions which were pretty much the same, also they have changed various answers on some of the other questions.
      Its a hard test and if you do not put in the time to learn and get abit of hands on
      by using their evaluation licenses then you will probably fail.
    • John from United States 12 26 2010, 4:57 AM Report Spam
      All of this chatter is just killing me. I know Parson's Vue is reading this too so I know this will get their attention, but then again, I'm not saying anything they don't already know and hasn't been shown in a Microsoft Webinar in 07y on "How to catch test cheaters".

      The truth is boyz and gilrz is Parsons seeds the tests in various regions around the world. They only release test info right at the time it's needed then they change the questions. Another reason why VM has huge question pools. They rotate them out left and right with new questions all the time, and they may give Eruope a new question pool but keep the U.S. the same then flip em.

      They also seed tests and place them in various regions around the world to see how they flow and where they are coming from. Think about it, some of you are buying study guides from vendors that say they will give you a pass but many people are failing or barley passing and you find out the question pool is from like 08ust or something.

      So what I'm saying is Parsons Vue (the test writers) got smart on this one. Not a whole lot a quality sample tests out there for this one.

    • chris bach from United States 12 26 2010, 3:07 AM Report Spam
      Took the exam 2 days ago…. ALL QUESTIONS were changed again. This is my 2nd time taking the exam. BEWARE
    • isdesktop from Turkey 12 23 2010, 7:24 AM Report Spam
      One question came from two or three of these questions will be updated when new questions
    • ollie from Netherlands 12 23 2010, 7:23 AM Report Spam
    • Ankur from India 12 23 2010, 2:08 AM Report Spam
      Hey all don't worry, there are agents sitting with whom you can pass exams without any worry, no need of dumps, etc…………
    • Timur from Russian Federation 12 22 2010, 12:22 PM Report Spam
      Can you upload the file to 4shared ?
    • Yaknow from Belarus 12 22 2010, 7:09 AM Report Spam
      @Ridzuan iPerintis

      Thanks for comment

    • Ridzuan iPerintis from Malaysia 12 22 2010, 1:53 AM Report Spam
      I've studied 5 braindumps. Some answers revealed in this one are questionable. However, it contains additional questions compared to other braindumps.
    • TONY from Taiwan 12 22 2010, 12:57 AM Report Spam
    • TheClown from India 12 21 2010, 3:08 PM Report Spam
      Oh God!! Sounds So Depressing :(
    • test from United Kingdom 12 21 2010, 1:44 PM Report Spam
      what study methods have you used to remember 1400 worth of pages and fact / figures
    • Yaknow from Belarus 12 21 2010, 6:55 AM Report Spam
      My comment must be deleted
      Yes you signed confidentiality agreement
      Just share questions and don't disclose your real name
    • Kalen from United States 12 20 2010, 3:55 PM Report Spam

      We can't disclose any questions to you due to the confidentiality agreement that we signed.

    • test from United Kingdom 12 20 2010, 3:13 PM Report Spam
      raftsman can you confirm what questions you had??
    • raftsman from Czech Republic 12 20 2010, 2:12 PM Report Spam
      passed today with 320, 85 questions, whole exam without questions regarding maximums! – new questions with CPU performance, vDS load balancing, SAN bios, host profiles, I wish you all luck and lot of patience
    • blax from United Kingdom 12 20 2010, 12:46 PM Report Spam
      Hey, Does anybody have an information about second shot option?
    • know it from Unknown 12 20 2010, 11:56 AM Report Spam
      It makes no difference as the max and mins that have changed with 4.1 are not tested on the exam, people on this site go round in circles asking the same questions.
      Vmware have removed the questions which involve different max and mins
      for 4.0 and 4.1, so the few max/min questions which are tested have not changed.
    • skylimits from United States 12 20 2010, 12:29 AM Report Spam
      Thanks a lot for your quick response. As there are number of different maxima values between v4.1 and v4.0.
      On the vmware site, I find the vSphere maximums, is there any similar composed list for 'minimums' ?
    • Kalen from United States 12 19 2010, 10:39 PM Report Spam

      It is only the 4.1 mins and maximums


    • skylimits from United States 12 19 2010, 8:55 PM Report Spam
      Have a question, does the exam covers the maxima of v4.1 or v4.0 (or both) ?
    • Jim from Germany 12 16 2010, 9:42 PM Report Spam
      Passed today must confess was one of the hardest exams I have completed, I finished my fasttrack course 6 weeks ago and started studying about a week ago, 325 was my score. The dump is ok however there might only be about 8 questions from these dumps you need to know the subject inside out….goodluck
    • 20219636 from United Kingdom 12 16 2010, 2:47 PM Report Spam
      there is no new certifyme…..they keep cliaming an update is out but its still using the files form april, kinda annoying. they also claim that the realse is still valid but from the reports on here it seems the questions are very dated….anyone got anything else to add?
    • vj from United States 12 16 2010, 5:40 AM Report Spam
      Congratulations and thanks for the feedback. It helps in our prep.
    • Robocop from United States 12 15 2010, 11:50 PM Report Spam
      @noshe, In my case, after I took the class, in about 3 weeks VMware send me a voucher to take the exam for free. So could it worth to take the test after the VCP class. It depends if your company is reimbursing the money for exam.
    • radheck from Spain 12 15 2010, 9:09 PM Report Spam
      Today I passed the test, scoring 312, I study the blueprint documents and this guide vcp-vmware-certified-professional-on-vSphere-4-study-guide-exam-vcp-410.9780470569610.53005, You must prepare ESXi, MPP and a bit of everything. There are so many questions of maxima. Be carefully with the similar question of this dumps. Greetings
    • Yaknow from Belarus 12 15 2010, 8:13 AM Report Spam
      You can take an exam but you won't officially become VCP certified till you take a course.Google VCP requirements dawg
    • noshe from Unknown 12 15 2010, 7:50 AM Report Spam
      Can i take this exam, without attending the course first?
    • Yaknow from Belarus 12 15 2010, 6:59 AM Report Spam
      Congrads man!
      How many maximums questions like10-20.Are they rephrased?
      Also does taking Simon's maximums exams and 93 question exam any help?
      Any question from VMware mock exams

      Sorry for so many questions.

      Thanks a lot

    • Kalen from United States 12 14 2010, 9:55 PM Report Spam
      Alright I'm back from my exam and I passed! These dumps help some but Pepsi nailed it on the head to choose only one

      There are several questions that are just about impossible to answer because they say choose 2 but it only lets you choose one. I have an open ticket to Pearson Vue for this but according to the VMware forums it is a known issue.

      Make sure you know your mins and maxes. Good luck on your exam! Please remember that you will not pass this exam by studying these dumps alone. This exam is difficult and deserves respect

    • Yaknow from Belarus 12 14 2010, 9:53 PM Report Spam
      You da man Jim
      hook us up
    • Jim from Germany 12 14 2010, 5:13 PM Report Spam
      I sit VCP on Thursday I have used this dump with VMWare website, I will let you know how I get on…
    • vj from United States 12 14 2010, 2:57 PM Report Spam
      @Pepsi, thanks for the feedback.
    • Yaknow from Belarus 12 14 2010, 8:43 AM Report Spam
      Thank you for feedback
      So dumps ain't valid
      Can you reccomend from your experience how to prepare to pass?What to study?
      I ain't talking about 2000pages of VMware blueprint of course.
      What strategy to use?
    • Pepsi from Singapore 12 14 2010, 2:40 AM Report Spam
      Just took exam.

      Only 10-15 questions are from dump.
      Some questions are rephased. For example, they ask what are not the criterias whereby the dump ask abt the opposites, so make sure you read each question carefully before answering.

      Numberous new questions on ESXi, mostly on it's installation, configuration, benefits and differences.
      New questions on EVC and MPP too, on it's benefits and applications

      Maximum values are tested by scenerios, unlike in the dump where the maximum values are questioned directly.

      Validity of dump? Not valid to pass, but it helps to understand other components like Storage (RDM, Thin, Thick), iSCSI, vMotion, CPU compatibility, MPP which are tested.

    • Kalen from United States 12 12 2010, 10:45 PM Report Spam
      Just a heads up if you get 100% on the VCP mock exam on VMware's site it won't let you take it anymore…….ugh
    • 03tinez from Poland 12 12 2010, 2:34 PM Report Spam


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