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Download VMware.Braindump2go.VCP-310.v2009-06-02.by.Tom.217q.vce

Exam: VMware Certified Professional on VI3.5
Size: 131.95 KB
Posted: 2009-06-02
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Download: VMware.Braindump2go.VCP-310.v2009-06-02.by.Tom.217q.vce

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    • 20219636 from United Kingdom 12 24 2010, 8:56 AM Report Spam
      oh and one other thing, not a single question to do with max's at all!
    • 20219636 from United Kingdom 12 24 2010, 8:49 AM Report Spam
      hi all, did my vcp yesterday and passed….the dump is not valid….id say maybe 5 questions were pretty much identical, another 5 similar however "similar" means that the question changes slightly therefore the answers they offer are completely different. i would recommend revising from the dump though cause it gives your a real good idea of the type of question and helps with other questions you might get on the question.
    • fasihkhan from United Kingdom 12 17 2010, 8:03 PM Report Spam
      I have passed the exam today. Lots of question from this dump. But beware that most questions and answers have been slightly changed. I would strongly recommend that when you read the question from this dump try to answer by reading PDFs provided by Vmware. You will definately pass the exam if you follow my adivse.
    • 20219636 from United Kingdom 12 14 2010, 9:41 AM Report Spam
      robocop seems to right, these are the same questions as the current certifyme from april…..even though their site claims updates every 2 weeks or so. Has anyone sat the exam lately within the UK? am planning on doing so within the next week or two but dont feel very confident with some of these reviews
    • iso from Turkey 12 04 2010, 11:50 AM Report Spam
      Do you have entered the exam within the last month? date, these questions? thanks
    • Robocop from United States 12 02 2010, 12:56 AM Report Spam
      Geton, I'm not fooling anyone. All the time Certify Me was on top having the best dumps. On the website, they claimed the test was updated on Now 15 so I decided to purchase the it. I downloaded the zip file and first I've checked when the pdf file was changed and was on 04il 30 2010. The same questions as on Sparky VCE, 349 questions. It is true, the best documentation you can find is on VMware website. Of course other books can help, but the most complete is there, about 1200 pages in total. Good luck, let us know how was the exam.
    • Geton from South Africa 12 01 2010, 5:27 AM Report Spam
      Robocop is fooling us around and leaving untruth comments everywhere.Do not believe him
    • Robocop from United States 12 01 2010, 12:02 AM Report Spam
      There is no valid dump anymore, but all the documentation is on VMware website (Guides and Papers section), learn people learn, this is what I'm doing:
    • Robocop from United States 11 26 2010, 7:55 PM Report Spam
      I just downloaded the last CertifyMe from certifyme.com, a big disapointment. The same number of questions and it looks to be the same as Sparky, no update. The Pdf file was updated on 04il 40. V.72.0
    • NC from United Kingdom 11 23 2010, 11:30 AM Report Spam
      a did you read all the vmware documentation before taking the exam. Did you also write notes as there is lots of information to take in around 1100 pages from VMWARE website
    • theoc from United States 11 22 2010, 1:59 AM Report Spam
      pink – buy the software.
    • pink from United States 11 21 2010, 6:25 PM Report Spam

      sorry for the very basic question, I downloaded the VMware.CertifyMe.VCP-410.v2010-11-08.by.Sparky.349q.vce and I also downloaded ans installed VCE software, but I can only see the 5 questions. is there a work-around to unlocking?

    • Chiel from Netherlands 11 19 2010, 7:56 PM Report Spam
      This dump is not valid, but it is a good dump for study. I think 40% from this is valid, but the questions and answers can have change. Study the blueprint!! (Netherlands)
    • NC from United Kingdom 11 19 2010, 12:20 PM Report Spam
      a please can you provide the links to study for the exam vcp410 is the course material for the exam
    • a from United States 11 18 2010, 11:41 PM Report Spam
      NC, all the pdf documentation is on the VMware website: http://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/
    • NC from United Kingdom 11 18 2010, 9:26 PM Report Spam
      julien384 do you have the hard copy pdf documents how did you study for the exam can you provide links to the documentation. Thanks
    • julien384 from France 11 18 2010, 10:29 AM Report Spam
      Hi all,

      I've passed VCP with 388 !
      You should study hard pdf documentation and not only dumps ;)


    • Vijesh BK from India 11 18 2010, 5:33 AM Report Spam
      HI Guy’s I wrote exam yesterday and I have completed!

      But none of these dumps are valid, if you don’t have knowledge please don’t waste money. Questions look very similar but all the answers are different from these dumps and FYI around 5 to 10 % will come from these dumps that are not sufficient to pass the exam.

    • farsant from United States 11 17 2010, 2:49 PM Report Spam
      @julien384 @Bobbso Hi, could you send to my email your remembers too farsant @ yahoo.es
    • kir from Egypt 11 17 2010, 8:30 AM Report Spam
      Good Luck julien384 and don't forget to comment on the exam tomorrow
    • julien384 from France 11 16 2010, 5:25 PM Report Spam
      Hello Bobbso,

      could you tell me some of your remembers ?
      I will take the exam tomorrow and i'm very stressed !.
      Thanks a lot
      my mail is julien.bouchot_at_gmail.com

    • Bobbso from Canada 11 16 2010, 5:22 PM Report Spam
      Just a FYI I just wrote my VCP exam and used this dump to study and it is a terrible reference. Some of the questions are similar to this but have different answers or the answers in the dump were invalid.

      Also you should know the features included in 4.1 and what changed with them for an example there is a questions on whether paravirtulization NICS are supported on boot disks after ESX 4 U1.

      If you have any questions please let me know as I wrote the exam about 30 min ago and all the questions are still fresh in my head.

      I passed btw with 388.

    • chealy from Unknown 11 16 2010, 3:27 PM Report Spam
      I know someone who does the traing for VMware and he confirmed the material used on the course is still valid, and 4.1 questions are not included.
    • kir from Egypt 11 16 2010, 10:54 AM Report Spam
      thanks sparky
    • Sparky from United States 11 15 2010, 7:56 PM Report Spam
      I went to there site and redownloaded, and its the very same version, so this is current. but many say its still not correct, so we need a new dump it looks like.
    • rosuke from Switzerland 11 15 2010, 7:22 PM Report Spam
      I am wodering if it is worth to purchase the latest version from certifyme, although it has got the same no. of questions & answers (349) as this version, but it has been updated on 11. 1, 2010!?
    • NC from United Kingdom 11 14 2010, 9:12 PM Report Spam
      This looks like these are not the up to date questions as on actualtest website is sept 2010 question and the exam questions changed in oct 2010. Please could someone upload the latest newest questions pass4sure has just recently updated questions if anyone has this latest dump.
    • theoc from United States 11 14 2010, 8:54 PM Report Spam
      The exam that darshana posted is the Actualtests v1.7. It's the same as far as I can tell as the Actualtests 525q vce.
    • NC from United Kingdom 11 14 2010, 7:32 PM Report Spam
      @darshana the exam you have linked to download does this have the new questions as the exam has recently been changed?? Have you taken the exam yet and passed how did you find it??
    • VJ from United States 11 14 2010, 7:29 PM Report Spam
      @darshana. thank you verymuch !
    • darshana from Sri Lanka 11 14 2010, 3:59 PM Report Spam
      latest actual test file can download @ http://www.lankait.info
    • julien384 from France 11 14 2010, 9:43 AM Report Spam
      One thing very important by the way : according to the latest blueprint exam, all referenced documentation are vSphere 4.1 version.
      This is a very important point because many maximums and compute characteristics have changed : vCenter supports only 64 bit, ESX/ESXi hosts can have 128 vCPU instead of 64…etc.
      In my dump, it's not 4.1 questions, it's 4.0, so please do not take attention of this maximum value, compute maximum questions.
    • julien384 from France 11 14 2010, 9:39 AM Report Spam
      I reupload it…
      nothing anymore.
      do you know if each upload are moderated ?
    • kir from Egypt 11 14 2010, 9:32 AM Report Spam
      first thanks to julien384 for for your interest and please upload your vce file (latest dump) and thanks for your efforts again but this is useful for all of us
    • SP from Hong Kong 11 14 2010, 9:19 AM Report Spam
      Hi All, julien384 would you mind upload again, becase i will exam on 19 11. Thanks.
    • julien384 from France 11 14 2010, 8:56 AM Report Spam
      I upload it 2 minutes ago, but I can't see it in the download list…
      05be it needs some time for moderator to approve.
    • theoc from United States 11 13 2010, 11:05 PM Report Spam
      Sorry – i misunderstood, the exam number is most likely VCP-410.

      Thanks for doing this.

    • theoc from United States 11 13 2010, 11:03 PM Report Spam

      There's a link on the right side of the page that says "Upload Your VCE File". Click on that link. Fill out the form, click the browse button and browse to the vce file, click the upload button. The file will upload for you and us :-)

    • julien384 from France 11 13 2010, 9:51 PM Report Spam
      Sorry i do not know how to upload it here. It asks me a exam number, and I have not this reference.
      You can contact me if you have any recent dump from websites like certifyme or whatever (recent only). Exchanges and shares between each others are welcomed !
      julien.bouchot (_@_) live.fr
    • km from United States 11 12 2010, 10:29 PM Report Spam
      i passed yesterday (11/11) in USA. I got a 369. I knew this dump inside and out and I made sure I knew why the correct choice was correct and why the incorrect choices were incorrect. This dump is 45% accurate.
    • kris from Oman 11 12 2010, 7:04 PM Report Spam
      07ien, Pls upload latest dump. It's very useful for us.
    • NC from United Kingdom 11 12 2010, 5:45 PM Report Spam
      julian384 please could you upload the latest dump. Would be appreciated very much. Thanks NC
    • 07ien from United Kingdom 11 12 2010, 4:51 PM Report Spam
      Please can you upload julien


    • @julien384 from Netherlands 11 12 2010, 4:09 PM Report Spam
      Hi 07ien do u have the latest dump from certkiller, i have the latest from killtest.
      Can we exchange it?
    • yellowcard from Spain 11 12 2010, 3:59 PM Report Spam
      This dump and the oder dump not are actualized, i took the exam today and my score are 277…….. only 18 question are the same, other not in this dump. I studied with 595 question and this……
    • julien384 from France 11 12 2010, 3:46 PM Report Spam
      I bought the last certkiller dumps yesterday, and convert into a vce file.

      Many new questions are missing in this download and exhibits also

      If anyone wants me to share, feel free!

      good luck

    • certking from United Kingdom 11 12 2010, 11:24 AM Report Spam
      Is this valid for UK???


    • Yvan from Switzerland 11 12 2010, 8:31 AM Report


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