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Exam: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
Size: 16.64 MB
Posted: 2013-10-21
Votes: 1
Download: Microsoft.Visualexams.70-412.v2013-10-21.by.Inevitz.247q.vce

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    • et3rae from United States 10 24 2013, 7:15 PM Report Spam
      Here are some changes that I think need to be made to the exam…I'm still not 100% sure on the answers, but these answers make more sense to me than the ones given:

      exam b Q19 – chagne to drag/drop
      Exam b q2 – change the answers to BG
      Exam a q16 – change answer to B or reword the question to which server cannot be used as the CDP
      Exam a q9 – change fabrikam to contoso in all answers
      exam b q5 – change to A and C based on explanation

    • soi6 from Switzerland 10 23 2013, 1:34 PM Report Spam
      Pass today with 820. Using pdf lead2pass. 4 news questions. Exam have 50 questions.
    • Hennericho from Unknown 10 23 2013, 12:29 PM Report Spam
      I wrote my test yesterday and just passed with 745. Dump is 100% valid. 1 question different. Think though that some answers aren't correct in this dump.
    • omantha from Sri Lanka 10 23 2013, 5:29 AM Report Spam
      Thank you. Passed with 7xx
    • tester from United States 10 22 2013, 11:52 PM Report Spam
      Still valid, about 8-9 new questions. Scored 790. Thanks for your work!
    • Yass from Oman 10 22 2013, 1:16 PM Report Spam
      still valid .. I just passed with 760
      eight new questions, i think some answers in thise damp are incorrect ,
    • Banji from Botswana 10 21 2013, 3:28 AM Report Spam
      please assist with the question about active directory replication. I thought that first preference is active directory sites and services and then Repadmin and lastly Dnslint. The question appears so many times in this dump with different answers.
    • Rambo from Bahrain 10 20 2013, 6:14 PM Report Spam
      Hi Guys
      damp is valid , thanks for all you people .
      best of luck
    • remieredic from South Africa 10 18 2013, 1:14 PM Report Spam
      jst passed with 745 today,thnx to sengaporean pdf, peter ,n mahommed.guys s true dnt realy on answers frm does dups,there was completely deferent answers on sum questions,bt questions stil valid,i advise every to read questions with undestandng n refer on sum other study materials

      good luck

    • Banji from Botswana 10 18 2013, 11:57 AM Report Spam
      @John thank you so much for your help, I am writing on Monday.
    • John from Unknown 10 18 2013, 11:44 AM Report Spam
      @Banji study et3rae 251q vce its got the new questions, Mohammed for old questions
    • John from Unknown 10 18 2013, 11:29 AM Report Spam
      dump is valid. Passed today 7xx, 50 Q in the exam, about 5 new questions asked in exam ,Just now your questions, and answers , only about 4-5 questions answers are wrong in this vce, if u not sure of a question compeer with Mohammed's dump or use Google !

      Thanks Exam Collection, Singaporean and thanks et3rae for making the dump !!

    • Ierathel from Unknown 10 18 2013, 3:46 AM Report Spam
      If this is the VCE version of Peter's PDF, then this is a great help to pass the exam. Just took the exam using that PDF and Mohammed's dump… passed.
    • et3rae from United States 10 17 2013, 11:57 AM Report Spam
      @jun – this is peter's PDF converted to VCE.
    • SJ from South Africa 10 17 2013, 9:39 AM Report Spam
      Hey EC,

      Im writing tomorrow, are you able to provide links to the material you learnt? Stressing like a mofo here :(

    • EC from Unknown 10 17 2013, 8:44 AM Report Spam
      Guys the dumps are valid particularly the 247 pdf, but the trick is that not all the answers are found in the pdfs themselves but the Qs are there.
      I wrote yesterday here in RSA, i passed 8xx but lots of challenging Qs. The fact of the matter is, get some additional material not only the dumps& pdfs b/c they're wrong ans. though the work can still make u pass the exam. GOOD LUCK –> 413
    • Skywalker from Malaysia 10 17 2013, 8:08 AM Report Spam
      Passed the exam today, thanks to the PDF from Peter and Singaporean. The PDF questions are valid as of now but some answers are wrong. All I could say is study smart and understand the answers well. Good luck to you all !
    • Aucklander from New Zealand 10 17 2013, 2:12 AM Report Spam

      I prepared using Mohammands dump. Moh.. dump is really good but many answers in that dump incorrect. I am planning for re-appearing now and just gone through Singaporean Lead2pass exam and found that 90 Percent questions are same what in there with corrected answers.

      Hope this help who wants to reappear for exam- just go through CBT or Trainsignal and prepare using Lead2pass provided by singaporean (understanding what they want to say) and go for exam, I belive you will definately pass…

      I will try again using lead2pass dump now…

    • jun from United States 10 16 2013, 12:16 AM Report Spam
      @ everybody
      is it lead2pass 70-412 or peter's PDF that has been changed to .vce ?
    • veeraraghavan from India 10 15 2013, 6:01 AM Report Spam
      only 5 question came from this dumps so just refer this dumps also.
    • F9X from Vietnam 10 15 2013, 5:54 AM Report Spam
      None of those PDF 100% reliable, but enough for everybody to pass the exam.
    • JB from United Kingdom 10 14 2013, 8:33 PM Report Spam
      Alot of the answers are wrong however if you read the answer the correct bit is highlighed in yellow. The one about HyperV Replica Certs. The correct answer is Client & Server Auth not Client & KDC>
    • Nadie from United States 10 14 2013, 3:29 PM Report Spam
      @mscs2012-infra from Unknown, you said NOT THANKS !! for the "Lead2Pass 70-412 – 247Q dump it's not valid !, JUST BECAUSE, you found a wrong question or because you have found more, could share with us that information, of course if you have found more wrong question. Thank you
    • mscs2012-infra from Unknown 10 14 2013, 12:23 PM Report Spam
      NOT THANKS !! for the "Lead2Pass 70-412 – 247Q dump it's not valid !
      For Example : backup type Microsoft Online backup or Windows server backup the answer is false !! For Folder 2 you can backup online !!!
    • indojumper from Netherlands 10 14 2013, 8:41 AM Report Spam
      @singapore: thanks for the dump its 100% valid
      for all who did not pass or not took the 412 exam….study the books also!!!

      passed today MCSA 2012 up to the next 413+414

    • Roman from Austria 10 14 2013, 8:23 AM Report Spam
      I still dont know few questions… for example the DNS AD replication questions.

      in the explanation of q F27: "if you see question about AD Replication, first preference is AD sites and services, then repadmin and then DNSLINT"

      But in this questions there are all 3 answers possible, but repadmin is right there?!

      Another problem -> the questions about the windows 2008 boot menu -> even font know when to use bootrec.exe or bcdedit.exe /createstore or bcdboot.exe

      Can someone help me?


    • baba from Azerbaijan 10 14 2013, 8:00 AM Report Spam
      yes dump is valid. Passed today 8xx.
    • Singaporean from Unknown 10 13 2013, 2:22 PM Report Spam
      You welcome Impressed..

      Congrats MCSA 2012 :)

    • Impressed from Australia 10 13 2013, 12:38 PM Report Spam
      Passed the exam with 8xx. The dumps are OK; however thanks to Singaporean, Lead2Pass PDF became very handy. Get your studying straight – CBT Nuggets tutorials are wonderfully impressive – and use below questions to smoothly pass the exam:

      Lead2Pass 70-412 – 247Q.
      from http://adf.ly/XP9q5
      Password: 5ingap0re

      Thanks Exam Collection, Singaporean and all others who contribute to the website. Good luck! :)

    • jolix from Sweden 10 12 2013, 10:14 PM Report Spam
      I passed the exam last week, and I can say not many questions from this dump was on the exam. It was the hardest of all the MS exams I have taken! And not possible to pass without reading the book. I used the MOC + TS and CBT and ton of Technet, and a bit of luck. ;-)
    • Muhib Ali from Pakistan 10 12 2013, 1:27 PM Report Spam
      I Have passed my exam with 760… All the questions were from this dump..
      but i think some of the questions' answers are incorrect…
      You should study the Lead2pass dumps for 70-412…
    • Singaporean from Unknown 10 12 2013, 11:38 AM Report Spam
      Ok Guys,,

      Lead2Pass 70-412 – 247Q.
      from http://adf.ly/XP9q5
      Password: 5ingap0re

      Good luck!


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