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Exam: TS: Designing, Assessing, and Optimizing Software Asset Management (SAM)
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Posted: 2011-10-21
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    • System from Germany 07 29 2012, 11:44 PM Report Spam
      Ryan: this is A Q8 (editing order) and one of those questions i really dislike.

      This answers are even wrong for for SCCM 2007.
      Keywords are task sequence = entire automatic process; reference image = syspreped image.
      Here we go again ala Microsoft: Prepare ConfigMgr Client for Capture is the only needed step for the client to get captured automatically! This doesn't mean that the SCCM Server needs the client as application! It does not.
      I agree with you, that Microsoft could point to this answer in a weird logic.

      Point is: Can SCCM 2012 automatically capture W7 images. It can.
      Is the client normally on the server? Yes, for installing purposes.
      Is Microsoft making fun of us?
      I think so.
      Best answer seems to be the client.

    • Ryan from United States 07 29 2012, 7:26 PM Report Spam
      Exam A Question 44: i think this answer is wrong.
      the only option that is correct is Configuration Manager Client.
      you dont need to create a MDT package. Why would MDT be needed in OSD?.. and Sysprep is built into Windows 7 no need to create a package for it. USMT is not needed for a build and capture task sequence.
    • GoodGuy from Russian Federation 07 29 2012, 6:11 PM Report Spam
      I upload new VCE. Waiting for the moderators. If you really think that your answers and thoughts are correct, then fix the new VCE
    • System from Germany 07 29 2012, 1:56 PM Report Spam
      I don't know, if the new vce is already on the way.
      If you could upload it to sendfile, i'm going to review your newest edition.
      Much easier to see your answers and corrections.
    • System from Germany 07 29 2012, 12:39 PM Report Spam
      By the way for Q8: My solution is only possible on a user collection (see technet).
      I think, Microsoft want to test you on this fact. So we have no other choice than forbid any user to change their primary devices. If we don't do it, we can't meet the security requirements.
    • System from Germany 07 29 2012, 12:27 PM Report Spam
      Comments were hastily written, but:
      Exam B q4: You can't normally change custom (!) settings. You can only do it by texteditor. My point is, that both answers are correct solutions to the question. The easiest way is to create a new custom setting and add it. Texteditoring is not for unexperienced users. Nevertheless what do you think is correct here?

      Exam B q5: Because there is no choice to deploy to the marketing user collection. Atleast not in this vce.

      Exam B q8: Can't describe it any better. But that is what i do, to solve the question: technet terminology. What do you think, is correct?

      Q9: That's the terminology, Microsoft is using on technet.

      Q14: i have done over 30 Microsoft exams and i know for sure, that the answer with the lesser rights isn't always correct.
      And i really think this question is a fraud. All new exams since mid 2011 state clearly what rights are needed. It's not given here and therefore we can use Application Administrator two times.

    • GoodGuy from Russian Federation 07 29 2012, 11:27 AM Report Spam
      Exam B q4, yep its no easy. But if you have Client Settings for the collection why you must create a new client settings for same collection?

      Exam B q5, I don't understand you. Question is about All 03keting Users collection. Why do you say about the servers?

      Exam B q8. I again do not understand you.

      Exam B Q9: And I again do not understand you. My or your English is very bad.

      Exam B q14. Microsoft writes in all their documents, that you should use the minimum rights.

    • System from Germany 07 27 2012, 7:09 PM Report Spam
      exceeded 2000 signs limit ….. proceeding from last post

      Exam B Q3: You can only answer this one through logic.
      Configure the configuration item to be evaluated on all Windows 7 operating systems.
      Because this entire question points to some strange administrators which haven't configured baselines for both windows versions.
      Other three answer choices are in my opinion totally wrong and the correct answer the best of the four given.

      Exam B Q 2 : custom script –> Exam A Q40 must be windows installer

      Exam B Q1 and A Q43: Well not sure, but "Right-click WebBaseline, select Categorize, and then select Server" isn't needed, if not entirely wrong.
      We have a collection. We don't need to categorize anything.
      I couldn't even find a hint on technet about categorization.

    • System from Germany 07 27 2012, 7:06 PM Report Spam
      I really appreciate your help and a new vce.
      Well, i will try to explain myself. As you see i know my facts but i can't give a correct answer for sure. Those questions mentioned down are only a few of many, which i have doubts about.

      ExamB: Q14: Can't be answered: Because of Application Administrator is Application Deployment Manager too.
      What do we prefer? No hint about minimum rights etc. pp.

      ExamB: Q9: We need an requirement based on a global condition (rule) by Expression.
      We create global condition rules not requirement rules.
      Microsoft be more precise!!

      Exam B Q8: Very dubious question.
      In my opinion: In Client Settings, set Allow user to define their primary devices to False.
      If the users haven't any influence on their primary devices especially changing them, the App1 can be ensured to be only installed on primary devices
      by manually Configure User Device Affinity.
      Then create a requirement of the category User and the condition Primary Device for deployment on a user based collection.

      Exam B Q 5:
      ah yes listed order and such a cute one. Often seen and no one knows if it is correct, because we have to guess many facts.

      Deploy the Env custom setting to the All Managed Servers collection.
      is probably wrong by Microsoft and highly irritating.
      If we really have to use All managed servers collection , it is a custom client device setting. The 32 bit is irritating too.

      My solution: Create device setting, Environment, Desktop, Deploy

      Exam B Q4:
      -Create a new set of custom client agent settings for the marketing department and include the custom registry information.
      - Edit ClientSettings2 and include the custom registry information. <— probably not
      Because editing isn't that easy, done by texteditor.
      But both answers are correct. There is no doubt.

    • GoodGuy from Russian Federation 07 27 2012, 5:46 PM Report Spam
      I passed this exam. I have 3 new questions. I'll correct two mistakes in the this test. I'll post new VCE tomorrow.
      Sytem, i think you are mistaken. Microsoft's exams usually are correct. And this dump isn't correct :-) We need again review this dump.
    • Sytem from Germany 07 27 2012, 8:28 AM Report Spam
      This exam is a beast.
      Could be, that Microsoft is providing wrong answer choices as correct.
      Wouldn't be the first time. Good quality management, isn't it?
      Even with knowledge , hands on experience and the latest MOC papers, failing this exam was a pain. Hopefully we can provide a halfway decent vce for the Euope/USA… testing region.
      PegasusRSA in the other 743 vce thread mentioned the same pain which i had. He barely made it.

      The new 27 questions arn't that new. Never thought of, that Microsoft isn't changing the questions for weeks for this exam.


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