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Exam: Pro: Designing and Deploying Messaging Solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
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Posted: 2011-10-21
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Download: Microsoft.RealExamQuestions.70-663.v2011-10-21.by.Zoe.124q.vce

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    • XYZ888 from Australia 06 23 2012, 3:07 PM Report Spam
      I used the dump which HopeNotToFail posted under this thread on 20 06e.
      There are 44 questions , from memory there are 6-7 questions not in the VCE(mostly are drag and drop). The VCE is valid,both questions and answers are valid(although the order of choices can be different)
    • Thomas from France 06 23 2012, 3:02 PM Report Spam

      All questions from exam B, but some answers are wrong. Scored 800.
      Thank Hope, Gol, Computer … and Max.

    • Nickolas from United Kingdom 06 23 2012, 12:23 PM Report Spam
      xyz888, would you like to share with us some informations, for example, how many questions was, exactly the same questions and answers with the dump or maybe in a different order the answers and which dump did you prefer to study?


    • xyz888 from Australia 06 23 2012, 2:10 AM Report Spam
      Passed 800 out of 1000, excpet a few drag and drop questions.the Vce is perfect.thanks so much fro the Vce. Thanks Gol and hopenottofail
    • xyz888 from Australia 06 22 2012, 11:20 PM Report Spam
      On the trian to the exam ,I will give you guys an update
    • HopeNotToFail from United States 06 20 2012, 3:33 PM Report Spam
      New exam is posted here and should be available when it gets processed onto the site. If you want it immediately, download from the following locations:



    • HopeNotToFail from United States 06 19 2012, 6:49 PM Report Spam

      I think you're right about Q30. This was my initial answer, but for some reason I changed it. I switched it back as the article you quoted makes me confident in your answer.

      I'm still not 100% on Q33. Channel should be setup as SMTP to send notifications. I think it's kind of a tricky question. I agree you need a monitor, but you also need a channel to notify the Exchange admins. To me, you need a channel before the monitor, as the question asks what you create first.

      I've also added a new screen shot to Q23. But what makes you think it's SLO instead of Subscriptions? My thinking is SLO's are created to monitor uptime, not so much as to notify help desk.

      Ali – Yes, this and Gols exam have the new questions

    • Gol from Germany 06 19 2012, 3:41 PM Report Spam
      I've read through the questions and overlooked Q30:
      As you see, the OU is wrong, to change it we change: the dynamic membership of GP1.

      Q33: Very unsure. My fist feeling said, it must be user role, because we have not imported the exchange Pack yet. How should we create a channel without the pack.
      Problem is. For importing the MP in 2012 you don't need anything special, besides a Hotfix, that has to be installed first and some registry fixing.
      You can create User accounts later for Exchange monitoring.

      Finally i have found this one:
      Hubtransport need the Exchange Monitor Service activated for Ops.

      Solution: Monitor?
      I have no idea.

    • HopeNotToFail from United States 06 19 2012, 12:16 PM Report Spam
      Absolutely. Lets get a solid VCE file together. Thanks for your contribution Gol.
    • Gol from Germany 06 19 2012, 7:18 AM Report Spam
      @ Hopenottofail
      I have changed some of your old answers + some additional comments + researched the new questions alone.
      Please look at my VCE, why i changed the questions.
      I've already corrected four questions of my vce. Look at the comment section of my vce.
      Let's discuss our findings, so we can build a final corrected VCE.


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