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Exam: UPGRADE: Transition your MCPD Enterprise Application Developer Skills to MCPD Enterprise Application Developer 3.5, Part 1
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Posted: 2011-10-20
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Download: Microsoft.RealExamQuestions.70-568.v2011-10-20.by.Caleb.108q.vce

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    • moe from United States 07 31 2011, 1:10 PM Report Spam
      @Ezatullah–thats the thing we need to do reasearch to figure them out and back them up by explaining the answers. As of right now everyone just has " My guess" answers…

      @Strausslek—if you find the new sims please post the link for everyone else

    • Strausslek from Brazil 07 31 2011, 7:37 AM Report Spam
      Anyone have the updated sim ? plzzzzz
    • Ezatullah from Netherlands 07 31 2011, 4:36 AM Report Spam
      What are the correct answers for the update questions…
    • moe from United States 07 30 2011, 4:21 PM Report Spam
      Took the test today and failed. I scored a 654.
      As everyone else has mentioned there is 15 new questions, but there really is about 25
      There are 2 new Sims.
      New Sims #1. You set up a VPN so the sales group can connect to Server1 but they cannot you need to make sure that ONLY the Sales group can connect to Server1
      New Sims #2. You have a main office and a branch office you do not have PKI setup but you need to authenticate the users. In the Simulation question it provides you with the “String” Authenticated 1.
      What are you suppose to do with the string?
      There were new questions on the exam which were from here. The rest I broke down.

      There was a question about MSBA ports which are
      These requirements include Remote Registry service, Server service, Workstation service, File and Printer Sharing service, and Automatic Updates service. The wsusscn2.cab file is downloaded from the Microsoft Web site over HTTP based on your Internet Explorer settings. Remote computer scans are performed by using TCP ports 135, 139, and 445. Where a firewall or filtering router separates two networks, TCP ports 135, 139, and 445, and UDP ports 137 and 138 must be open in order for There was a question about which tool should you use to analyze your employees choices were
      MAP….. I chose MSAT but who knows.
      I also got a question about what to do if your WAN link is down and choices were
      Demand dial out filters
      Demand Dial in
      Static Route and I chose the filters since I did not know.
      If anyone has taken the exam recently and have seen these 2 sims I am talking about please help out others and post a video.
      If anyone can get answers to http://www.4shared.com/file/kqkathyQ/70-293.html with explainations please do. I used Daves Dump which is valid if you get any questions from his dump. My advise would be we all need to work together to come up with a new braindump.

    • Baktash Azizi from Afghanistan 07 30 2011, 8:42 AM Report Spam
      Failed ! … valid only 60%, got 600+
      45Q – 9 new questions, 9-10 sims most of them from shussan.. do not schedule until you r fully prepared using valid dump !!
    • yoyo from United Kingdom 07 29 2011, 1:17 PM Report Spam
      @hunter were any of these questions in your exam? http://www.4shared.com/file/kqkathyQ/70-293.html
    • hunter from South Africa 07 29 2011, 12:53 PM Report Spam
      i failed today in South Africa, shussan sims, most of them were in the exam and got new question, someone please update valid answers for the new questions
    • some1 from Netherlands 07 28 2011, 2:46 AM Report Spam
      Failed at 6xx :/
      45Q : 8-10 new questions, 10-11 sims most from shussan.
      Studied "2010-05-24 by Dave 160q.vce".
      I think all latest 70-293 dumps contains some wrong answers too…
    • WhatWhat from United States 07 14 2011, 8:09 PM Report Spam
      Sim still valid in US, 7/14/2011. Had about 6-8 questions not covered. Used shussan sims; had one new sim I think.

      Still very valid

    • darklife08 from Philippines 07 12 2011, 4:23 PM Report Spam
      @moe is sims posted below are still valid?
    • moe from United States 07 12 2011, 1:53 AM Report Spam

      huutrangvn posted the link a couple post below

    • darklife08 from Philippines 07 11 2011, 12:23 PM Report Spam
      I am planning to take 70-293 this 07y. Can someone confirm if this dump is valid and may I know as well where can I get the sims?
    • Moustafa from Kuwait 06 29 2011, 7:46 PM Report Spam
      1 new simulation and i think 1 new question all questions from this dump for dave and simulations from shussan
      i passed this exam with 733/1000
    • test from South Africa 06 25 2011, 6:05 AM Report Spam
      Dump is 100% valid in south Africa, 4 out of the 7 sims were new.
    • SAJITH BNAIR from India 06 23 2011, 5:19 PM Report Spam
      Valid in India, I passed today
      But I think there are some wrong answers in the dump so be careful
      Thanks DAVE and SHUSSAN
    • huutrangvn from Vietnam 06 18 2011, 12:23 PM Report Spam
    • Broken from United States 06 10 2011, 11:18 PM Report Spam
      Hi, Im taking the test next tuesday. Wheer do i get the shusshan sims?
    • Mo from United Kingdom 06 09 2011, 10:25 PM Report Spam
      I passed today with exactly 700 on the dot,first time lucky.All questions were from this particular dump.I had like 7 simulations of which 2 or 3 were new ones from shusshan sims.The shussan's sims would help you a lot,but new PKI simulations came out today.
    • alex from Unknown 06 09 2011, 3:03 PM Report Spam
      hey HBK180I_GSE well done on ur pass , could u please tell me how many questions did u encounter in this exam and whether dis dump valid enough to secure a pass ? thanks in advance
    • HBK180I_GSE from South Africa 06 09 2011, 12:33 AM Report Spam
      Passed this on monday.. 800/1000
    • devnull from Brazil 06 07 2011, 1:41 AM Report Spam
      7 simulations, 1 about wifi hot spot, you need jsut set for acces point ONLY, 1 about port of clusters 5000 and 4000 became form intranet, 1 about vpn, just set order of vpn_sales to 1, 1 about how to forward dns from server 1 to server2 (internet),i dont rember others… but i pass today!

      nice GL for all

    • Sukar from Unknown 06 06 2011, 2:01 PM Report Spam
      Passed 900
      is still Valid UAE all Qs are from Dave.. thanks Dave :) )))
      45Qs shuffled with 6 Sims all From Shussan and 1 new which was vpn_sales ipsec policy, just move it to num1 position as priority.

      Big thanks to you guys
      good luck to others.

    • HBK180iGSE from South Africa 06 04 2011, 7:49 PM Report Spam
      What are the new q's about?
      Exam on monday and which sims are in?
    • Vincent Teo from Unknown 06 03 2011, 3:47 PM Report Spam
      This is still valid. Got 866 today. 55 Q's and around 10 Sims. Sims are still valid and there are new questions. There is one sim with vpn_sales ipsec policy. Just move it in the number 1 position. Sims are easy so concentrate on questions.
    • royneck from Unknown 06 03 2011, 1:32 PM Report Spam
      Passed with 866 today.This is still valid in South Africa. 55Q's +/- 10 new, and sims still valid .However, if you studied these Q's,and sims you should be O.K.
    • ramhari from Unknown 06 01 2011, 7:58 AM Report Spam
      Passed!!!!!!!Still valid but around 10 questions new and one sim……..All the best guys
    • sait from Turkey 05 30 2011, 6:07 PM Report Spam
      passed today 766/1000, 55q,around 45q and 10 sims, around 6q and 4 sims were new and are not included in this dump and shussan videos,
      good luck guys,
    • wael el-iraqe from Egypt 05 29 2011, 7:51 PM Report Spam
      pass today
      98% valid in egypt…all questions from this damp anly 5 quetions new…
      All sims from SHUSSAN no new sim……………
    • Waqar Ahmed from Pakistan 05 28 2011, 12:59 PM Report Spam
      Guys I need to Clarify a thing regarding SHussain sims. In his NAT sim after selecting NAT option the window apprears where we need to select "Public Interface" to connect to internet. But SHussain selects interface named "Local Area Connection" although there is also and interface name Internet in the list. Which answer will be correct
    • Twakkie from Unknown 05 27 2011, 11:49 AM Report Spam
      Dump is valid passed 766
      All sims from Shussan
      Make sure you know the answer and not the order!
    • chris123 from Unknown 05 25 2011, 1:39 PM Report Spam
      the latest 70-293 simulations and also the Training Video through this site: http://careersassembly.blogspot.com/
    • J from South Africa 05 24 2011, 11:57 AM Report Spam
      833/1000 – 55 questions of which +- 10 were not from this dump.
      All sims from SHUSSAN.

      South Africa

    • Hbk180i_gse from South Africa 05 23 2011, 11:17 AM Report Spam
      Pol.. Could you mail be the content of the exam?
      Wrote this exam twice but still failed using this dump
    • HBK180i_gse from South Africa 05 23 2011, 11:15 AM Report Spam
      Yo pol…. which questions are incorrect on this dump? Which sims are in
    • Usman from Nigeria 05 22 2011, 6:42 PM Report Spam
      check from youtube for 291 sims
    • whatisinname from India 05 21 2011, 10:00 AM Report Spam
      VALID in INDIA,got 966/1000,yesterday,study only this dump and shussan 14 sims,you will get 900+.
    • Phillip from United States 05 20 2011, 10:12 AM Report Spam
      Passed today with 833/1000

      This dump is still valid at least 7 new questions and 3 new sims….if you study this dump only and shussan's sims you will pass

      Finally MCSE

    • Hasan from Pakistan 05 19 2011, 6:52 PM Report Spam
      Hi guyz… Dumps are valid today in pakistan score 800/1000.. and Shussan Simulation are 100% valid…some Q are new….
    • Moustafa from Kuwait 05 17 2011, 1:16 AM Report Spam
      please any one passed exam 70-291 tell us from where did you study the simulations?
    • Hasan from Pakistan 05 15 2011, 7:47 PM Report Spam
      zhemin.xin how r u. i m ur neighbour :) i mean m from pakistan.. plz send me simulation link 70- 293,,,, thnx
    • zhemin.xin from China 05 15 2011, 9:03 AM Report Spam
      i got only one new sim in exam,that is ipsec authentication.05be the correct answer is to use preshare ipsec authentication.In the ipsec authentication tab,choice preshare,then type the string "Authentication1"
    • Tasio from Spain 05 14 2011, 10:31 PM Report Spam
      Took my exam on Friday, Spain.
      Passed, all Q from this dump and all sims from Susshan.
      Thanks to David and Susshan
    • naeem from Unknown 05 13 2011, 6:57 PM Report Spam
      can anyone explain the new sims dat are not in shussans sims
    • pol from South Africa 05 13 2011, 4:53 PM Report Spam
      Hey!! this dump is right on, passed today! thanks Dave & shussan
    • MAGDI_fathalla from Egypt 05 12 2011, 6:55 AM Report Spam
      i pass yesterday 766 – Place different questions like ( a c b d – d c a b )but not all questions + 3or 4 new questions + sim is Easy questions
    • Passed from South Africa 05 10 2011, 1:18 PM Report Spam
      Still Valid…..got 833/1000 all Qs 4rm this dump but almost all the answers placed in different order. Thanx Dave & Shussan, yo sims also valid.

      Gud Luck Guys

    • Ting from Thailand 05 09 2011, 10:15 AM Report Spam
      Passed in Thailand (9052011) with score 866. this dump is valid.
      Sims from Shussan.
    • Nikato from Unknown 05 08 2011, 10:48 AM R


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