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Exam: NAV 2009 Installation & Configuration
Size: 112.28 KB
Posted: 2011-09-03
Votes: 1
Download: Microsoft.ExamGoal.MB7-838.v2011-09-03.by.Kevin.112q.vce

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    • Yas_ahs from United Kingdom 09 11 2013, 9:35 AM Report Spam
      This dump is still valid in UK. Few new question but not difficult. If you can pass this dump by securing 80% plus then dont waste your time. Go book and sit in the exam. I passed yesterday 976.
    • Nick from United States 09 04 2013, 1:06 AM Report Spam
      Hey all! I first want to thank all of you for your input. I studied for 480 using this dump and studying what everyone had suggested and it helped me pass the test. I did however have a question on 70-487. I try posting my question on the 70-487 page but my question keeps disappearing. I was just wondering of anybody on here knew someone who took the 487 test and if so is the dump still valid. Please let me know if you can and good luck to all
    • GodSent from India 08 24 2013, 12:33 PM Report Spam
      @Nishigandha : Yes you will able to view any and all vce files all over the internet. You will also be able to create your own ones.
    • Anonymous from United Kingdom 08 23 2013, 11:16 PM Report Spam
      Took this exam today and passed. Dumps will be of little help, but you have to read through all the articles. There were few tricky questions. It took me 2 hours to complete the 58 questions.
    • Nishigandha from India 08 17 2013, 10:13 AM Report Spam
    • Jack from Canada 08 13 2013, 6:43 PM Report Spam
      Valid 30/58
    • Bhupesh from India 08 13 2013, 10:05 AM Report Spam
      Partial valid dumps 30-35/58 questions thanks for dumps i got 930
    • Anand from India 08 10 2013, 3:57 PM Report Spam
      About 35/58 questions are valid. Just a little more effort on your part and following advice of other members here could help you to easily pass this exam. Score 815/1000 today and passed!
    • Menelikk from United States 08 09 2013, 3:09 PM Report Spam
      @Nishigandha from India you will see the totality of the questions once you purchase the full version of the software. The software is really cheap so don't try to download a crack or pirated copy..
    • Nishigandha from India 08 07 2013, 6:08 AM Report Spam
      I am thinking to do Certification. N i found this site for sample question.
      Currently i am using Trial version for VCE, but i am not be able to read all the dump.
      So after purchasing the licence version of VCE, how many question i can see from this dump.

      n how much cost for it. Can anybody tell me.
      Thanks in Advance for your great help.

    • unknown from Canada 08 05 2013, 8:11 PM Report Spam
      Can anyone please forward new questions & answers to this mailtodeepa_s@yahoo.co.in
    • kaofela from Unknown 08 05 2013, 3:52 PM Report Spam
      Hi anyone with new questions and answers, plz email me on kamografix@gmail.com ,iam writting in a day and half
    • Joao from Portugal 08 05 2013, 3:23 PM Report Spam
      Anyone with the new questions. Please email me to joao3000@gmail.com.
      I have exam on 07/08.
    • rotiv from Portugal 08 05 2013, 9:24 AM Report Spam
      Hi, can someone who received the questions email me, to vitoralves100@outlook.com.


    • damdsilva from Brazil 07 31 2013, 7:09 PM Report Spam
      The guys who received the questions,
      Can you please email me the pictures at damdsilva @ g mail. com. Thanks very much.
    • switch from United Kingdom 07 29 2013, 3:52 PM Report Spam
      If anyone has any of the new questions I would really appreciate it if you could send them over to me! The email is –
    • Anon from Ukraine 07 26 2013, 1:56 PM Report Spam
      Passed today. Score 953. This dump is still partialy valid and good enough for preparation, although I saw 20-30 new questions.
    • misha from Israel 07 26 2013, 7:25 AM Report Spam
      passed today.score 900,the dump is half vaild,around 25 new quwstion. is hard to say that this dump is enough to pass this exam ,
    • The SharePoint Guy from United States 07 19 2013, 1:26 AM Report Spam
      I cannot vote for this dump. Yes I passed with 8xx but there were close to 25 questions in the exam that did not appear in this dump. If not for my web development background and heavy usage of HTML and CSS I would have failed.
    • Beer from Unknown 07 18 2013, 7:53 AM Report Spam
      Please update dumps.

      Microsoft 70-480 Questions & Answers (exam testing engine)
      85 Questions
      Last Update: 07 16, 2013

    • Roman from Ukraine from Ukraine 07 16 2013, 5:00 PM Report Spam
      Passed today. Score 976. Exam was very hard. Near 30 questions are not from dump. Pay a lot attention on working with json, apply, call, delegate functions. Had questions about navigator, sockets, jquery selectors, read json objects from XML, requirement was support old browsers like IE6, create shared library and prevent calls of some private function. I spend all 2 hours on exam. A lot of thinking required. Correct answer on question about range control step="0". I have 100% correct answers in this section. Exam not easy, prepare carefully! Good luck!
    • Rene from Netherlands 07 13 2013, 3:53 PM Report Spam
      Q8 seems to have an error: regex validation of ssn number with optional hyphen, a hyphen is '-' not '^', that's called a carret.
    • chuck from Germany 07 11 2013, 2:51 PM Report Spam
      passed the exam today in germany. there were 30/58 questions of these dumps in the exam. Some were a little different.

      Review the microsoft styles, those starts with ms-, especially the boxing and table things.

    • Ali from Pakistan 07 11 2013, 10:33 AM Report Spam
      Passed with 930 today, 30/58 new questions almost, but these dumps and comments from here and other dumps really helped a lot in preparation.
    • Juan David from Colombia 07 10 2013, 8:35 PM Report Spam
      I passed the exam with 884 over 1000, about 30 new questions. Valid dump in Colombia
    • Luca from Italy 07 01 2013, 6:46 PM Report Spam
      Took esam today. Passe with 792. Dump very helpful but found around 20 new questions. The number of the questions from the dump was enough to pass the exam. Be careful: the ansewrs are not always in the same order of the dump. So do not memorize them by position. Do it by syntax. Bye!
    • GoodLuckkk from Serbia 07 01 2013, 10:42 AM Report Spam
      4. There was a table with some values, and you need to add to the table properties from json array.
      5. There was some transform function where you have to select the function for transform – rotate the angle.
      6. In one question there were requests: color of the outline should be red and other div should have white space. First the answer is margin: 10 px 10px 10px 10px color:red and the other one is padding
      7. u have design of the columns on the page and the request is that row height shouldnt cut the image and if the page is resized, the columns dont get resized. i have chosen ms-column where there is some fixed width for example 100px (300 px 100px) [2]
      8. delegate for button click
      9. there were few questions for worker, and i remember that some answer in one of them was data.message, data. something
      10. there was one question with nth-child(even and odd) -> but one rule is for tr and one for td, so which will be applied
      11. one question with font-face but with sans-serif
      12. on input checked, other input should be disabled or enbaled, also there is css for it input:disabled
      I hope this will help.
    • GoodLuckkk from Serbia 07 01 2013, 10:42 AM Report Spam
      I have passed the exam today. It was difficult.It needs a lot of thinking.
      These are some of the questions that I remember:
      1. I had some drag and drop example where i had to use custom events. I cant remember the question because it had a lot of text, but read this, it will be useful: http://davidwalsh.name/customevent . One of the request was that event does not need to affect other elements (bubble)
      2. You had to create function that will rotate some object in svg, and some timing for it. it was suggested:mytimer = mytimer.inerval(speed), settimer and new timer and after that goes the function animateimage() so I am not sure for the right answer. But read about timing for animations for svg
      3. There was circle in svg, and you had to scale it. U have id of svg and id of circle. You choose the id and you choose how to scale it, currentscale or r and createsvgtransform . I have choosen currentscale for circle. I am not sure if it is the right answer.
    • Steve Ballmer Jr from United Kingdom 06 28 2013, 6:39 PM Report Spam
      Took test today, got over 900+, I had around 20 new questions, this dump was very helpful, its certainly worth using as the questions did appear. One tip is to read up about creating 'custom' javascript events… if you are a web developer then you should be 'ok' with the new questions, if not then erm……..good luck :P
    • cabraldotnet from Brazil 06 26 2013, 6:01 PM Report Spam
      Valid for training time and pace of the test. Had 40 questions of 58. Note: 953/1000.
    • Komail from Unknown 06 25 2013, 6:40 AM Report Spam
      Cleared with 958 marks but around 80% new questions.
    • dhivya from India from India 06 24 2013, 9:02 AM Report Spam
      ya.. This dumps is quite valid. but 28-30 new questions. refer w3schools to pass this exam. anyway thanks for this dumps
    • Ashwini from India 06 23 2013, 5:06 PM Report Spam
      Failed today in India(Mumbai), got 325. Only 10 – 12 questions found from this dumps.
    • Ali from India 06 23 2013, 8:47 AM Report Spam
      Failed got 525. Not valid dump
    • Shrikant from India 06 23 2013, 8:24 AM Report Spam
      Failed today (23/6). Found number of new questions.
    • Sonali Jain from India 06 22 2013, 10:04 AM Report Spam
      Today passed the exam with 884. But around 20/58 questions were new not from the dumps.
      Simpliy go through the basics of jquery and selectors of jquery this helps in solving the new questions easily.
      Ques 1..in a container 3 rectangle has been place at equal distance…
      my answer.. at first dropdpwn select:- stretch
      at second dropdpwn select:- justify.

      Ques 2:- in a container some statements were written using span….i rem the statement..span 1 contains the element,so in this i marked the below answer.

      Mine Answer:– at first dropdpwn select:- relative
      at second dropdpwn select:- z index 2

      Ques 3.. One table has been given with header now using add the row using json.

      var friutjson= {banana;apple}.

      i didnt remember the answer

      Q4 – the slider question you have to fill all fields in not just(type,min,max, value =37 and required).

      You also have to fill in Step and no option of "5" was given. "0" guess was not right maybe "default" I thought it might be as well.

      Quest 5:- in a div one <list><ul><li></ul> <li/><li/><l/ist> m not writing the complete question this hint is sufficient.
      so apply the style on the list which is inside the <ul> tag.

      Mine answer:- didnt remember the whole answer.. but i marked the answer with .css(border)

      Quest 6:- arrange the stylesheets no priority has been mentioned.
      mine answer:-
      user important
      author important
      author normal
      user normal
      user agent

      Note:- just go through the jquery selectors like nth-child

      All the best!!!

    • karabo from Unknown 06 21 2013, 11:01 AM Report Spam
      I got 930 i dnt knw how bt there are a couple of new question although dis dump was very usefull indeed
    • Joe Miller from United States 06 20 2013, 12:10 AM Report Spam
      Just took it today. There are indeed 23 new questions. However the questions are not hard. Basic HTML, CSS and Javascript stuff. If you study this test and have basic knowledge you will still pass. The hard questions are covered by the VCE
    • Jury from Turkey 06 17 2013, 7:04 PM Report Spam
      Dump still valid.
    • Nick from United States 06 17 2013, 1:44 PM Report Spam
      Dump still pretty valid. Took the exam a couple days ago, and there were a handful of questions where I had to put chunks of code in order (without any pre-existing code to build around). There were also 58 questions on my exam. Still managed to get 1000. Thanks for this!
    • avi from Unknown 06 15 2013, 5:58 AM Report Spam
      this is all crap
    • Vix from India 06 11 2013, 10:54 AM Report Spam
      still valid in india…
      got 1000 ;)
    • Jennifer from United States 06 10 2013, 7:24 PM Report Spam
      Just passed this exam with a 935, this is still valid. There were only two questions that were not in the dump and the exam contained 39 questions in all!


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