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Exam: Microsoft Business Solutions Small Business Financials 9.0
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Posted: 2011-09-02
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Download: Microsoft.ExamGoal.MB5-554.v2011-09-02.by.Paula.205q.vce

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    • CosmicPenetrator from Sri Lanka 12 21 2011, 12:27 PM Report Spam
      Did the exam on 15th. The dump is still valid though 4 new questions. Passes with 800. thanks…..!!!
    • d from New Zealand 11 25 2011, 5:47 AM Report Spam
      @bodysoda this is valid, with 4 new questions
    • CJ Bradley from United States 11 22 2011, 11:56 PM Report Spam
      Passed the test 11/19/11 most of my questions were in this vce.
    • bodysoda from New Zealand 11 16 2011, 7:54 AM Report Spam
      @d (New Zealand) Did you use this dump. how valid is the dump?
    • d from New Zealand 11 15 2011, 9:29 AM Report Spam
      cool, 920/1000
    • Anon from United Kingdom 11 02 2011, 2:07 PM Report Spam
      Good prep material after reading the books, passed with 925
    • Majid Khan from Pakistan 10 24 2011, 4:02 AM Report Spam
      still valid dumps in Pakistan . Thanks Tyrion Passed yesterday and got 800. Few Questions are new. Cheers
    • abdalla from Egypt 10 12 2011, 11:06 AM Report Spam
      50 q,no sim ,valid ,850/1000
    • bassam from Unknown 10 11 2011, 12:16 PM Report Spam
      valid in egypt 800/1000
    • 06 Kho from Brunei Darussalam 10 06 2011, 3:09 AM Report Spam
      Anyone got the sims for this exam and the new Q….pls email thanks…
    • William in Kuwait from Kuwait 10 05 2011, 11:53 AM Report Spam
      100% Valid, passed today 2 sims, the questions are switched around, please focus on the material and not just the answers….All the best!
    • Hameed from Afghanistan 10 02 2011, 10:43 AM Report Spam
      I just passed with low marks, 60% of questions are the same, keep try options as well.
    • techysandy from United States 09 22 2011, 3:36 AM Report Spam
      This dump is valid in the United States. Passed with 800!!! Best wishes
    • Princejen from Philippines 09 16 2011, 2:04 PM Report Spam
      This dump is valid. Thank to you. Passed today with 900/1000. 2 new questions exist.
    • Gaurav Kumar Bansal from Unknown 09 12 2011, 12:26 PM Report Spam

      This is valid questions set for chennai.

    • carl from United Kingdom 09 12 2011, 11:27 AM Report Spam
      what where the 20 new questions added can you give an indication to the questions
    • Spark from United States 09 12 2011, 9:40 AM Report Spam
      Thanks for upload. Passed the exam today..
    • sarmmie from Nigeria 09 12 2011, 8:24 AM Report Spam
      Dumps needs update.20 new questions added.Failed with 19 marks.
    • Noplay from United States 09 11 2011, 4:17 PM Report Spam
      Dump needs an update found 10 – 15 questions that were new. Got a 725 just made it.
    • Ang from Cyprus 09 08 2011, 3:49 PM Report Spam
      Hi all, passed the exam today with 850 score. this dump was 98% spot on, had about 5 new questions 1 with an exhibit… thanks you all for providing/upgrading this dump valid in Cyprus
    • Tim from United Kingdom 08 27 2011, 7:49 AM Report Spam
      Passed in UK yesterday with 810/1000. Dump is still valid enough to pass but a few new questions on the way in
    • NT from India 08 27 2011, 4:40 AM Report Spam
      26th 08ust

      Hi guys passed with the score 840.

      There were 5 to 6 new questions, more than 40 questions from this dump are valid.

    • RossVader from United States 08 25 2011, 7:35 PM Report Spam
      I passed but I will say this. I had about 10 new questions after thorougly studying. A update should be coming soon hopefully
    • Pinjosi from Netherlands 08 24 2011, 1:04 PM Report Spam
      Still Vallid !!!! Passes 23th of 08ust with 800. Tnx for the post
    • Evelien from Netherlands 08 24 2011, 8:42 AM Report Spam
      Exam E of Tyrion, question about audi policy that is not applied to member servers. In the Braindump the exhibit of the answer suggests a modification of the security settings of the default domain GPO. Also the comment of crusader from United States suggests this. Is that correct? Avanced Audit Policy Configuration is only available for Windows 7 and 2008R2. The member server is 2008 so we should use auditpol.exe on the member server to my opinion.

      Which is the correct answer? Tnx much!

    • Evelien from Netherlands 08 24 2011, 8:31 AM Report Spam
      Exam E of Tyrion, question about Fine Grained Password Policy. In the braindump, this is the correct answer: Add-ADFineGrainedPasswordPolicySubject

      Is that correct? A new Fine Grained Password Policy should be made with New-ADFineGrainedPasswordPolicy.

      Please your comment. Thank you very much!

    • AboOmar from Kuwait 08 23 2011, 7:43 PM Report Spam
      Hi all
      Just now i passed all q from this dump but the answers Sequence was changed Make sure you study the exam very well passed with score 840
    • enro from United Kingdom 08 23 2011, 4:59 PM Report Spam
      Passed today with 840

      This is valid but lots of new questions prob about 10 or so

      Make sure you dont just use this

    • D Real from India 08 23 2011, 2:55 PM Report Spam
      i wrote just now
      i think the dumps is not valid again in india……..so couldn't make it there were
      lots of new questions (am sure of this)
    • Sajjad from Unknown 08 22 2011, 3:15 PM Report Spam
      Passed today with 800/1000, There are a few new questions !
    • londumpster from United Kingdom 08 21 2011, 8:55 PM Report Spam
      @USHA – To convert to PDF file. Use Visual Cert Exam Designer. Make sure you have some other software that installs a Printer driver such as SnagIT or MS One Note that can create PDF files.
      Open the vce file in Exam Designer. Select Print and print to the "Software" Printer. This should open the file in the Application and should give you option to save the file as PDF.
      I have done this for a lot of VCEs and works very well..
      You can get an evaluation version of SnagIT
    • A from United Kingdom 08 20 2011, 7:02 PM Report Spam
      Passed today with 900/1000, 50 questions. There are a few new questions but if you know your stuff you won't struggle.
    • Xavier from India 08 20 2011, 10:34 AM Report Spam
      Still valid in India…About 7 or 8 new Questions. Passed today with 880/1000…Thanks Tyrion.
    • Jestur from Australia 08 20 2011, 7:43 AM Report Spam
      This dump is still valid in Australia passed with 820/1000 with only 8 new questions which if you have studied the material should be easy to answer.
    • phuong from Vietnam 08 19 2011, 6:17 PM Report Spam
      still vaild in vietnam:passed today 880/1000/ thanks tyron and everyones…..


    • nyambita from Tanzania, United Republic of 08 19 2011, 2:08 PM Report Spam
      dump is still valid but there are some new question..
      watch out guys..
    • introlux from United Kingdom 08 18 2011, 9:37 PM Report Spam
      Still valid Passed today! 840/1000
    • bob from Unknown 08 18 2011, 8:25 PM Report Spam
      thanx god today i make my exam and i pass this dump still valid around 2 new
    • SmartEgg from Germany 08 18 2011, 8:25 PM Report Spam
      thom P, just read the comments
    • thom P from United Kingdom 08 18 2011, 3:39 PM Report Spam
      Which practice exam on this did people find the most "relevant"?
    • Rockme from Germany 08 18 2011, 9:53 AM Report Spam
      Cant be better …

      50 questions (around 4 new)

    • clint from United States 08 18 2011, 8:47 AM Report Spam
      Study this dump and you should pass.

      === WARNING ===
      priya_shah_21@yahoo.co.in is a scammer, and reported everytime he/she scams. The dumps are fraud, don't trust him/her.

    • Adam from United Kingdom 08 18 2011, 7:07 AM Report Spam
      How long is the exam? 120 minutes? I went to book with Prometric today (UK) and they list exam time as 3h 15 minutes. Is this just a worse case 'allow yourself that much time' or is the exam 03:15?
    • 03tin from United Kingdom 08 17 2011, 6:15 PM Report Spam
      Still valid in the UK. Had a couple of new questions. Passed with 820/1000. Take note that they randomize the order of the answers. Thanks for the dump Tyrion.
    • Shashi G from United States 08 17 2011, 12:34 PM Report Spam
      Dump is still VALID, Passed today 880/1000
      8-10 New Questions
      Thank you all for your replies and vote too!!
      === WARNING ===
      priya_shah_21@yahoo.co.in is a scammer, and reported everytime he/she scams. The dumps are fraud, don't trust him/her.
    • Z from New Zealand 08 16 2011, 9:54 PM Report Spam
      Good learning .. Look for TrainSignal MCITP Think i found it on piratebay
    • yasir from Unknown 08 16 2011, 12:15 PM Report Spam
      Please could you inform whether the exam is still valid or not as iam planning to get the exam next week. The most iportant thing what are the new questions in the exam as i have seen that many here have mentioned there were new questions . ALSO is there Simulation questions ????
    • 03vyn from Philippines 08 16 2011, 9:56 AM Report Spam
      Dump is still VALID, Passed today 860/1000
    • B from United States 08 16 2011, 4:06 AM Report Spam
      Dumps still Valid, passed today 960/1000

      1 or 2 new questions max.

    • Eric from United Kingdom 08 15 2011, 2:42 PM Report Spam
      100% valid in UK, done exam today with 940/1000, many thanks Tyrion for posting this dump
    • mac from Australia 08 15 2011, 1:14 PM Report Spam
      Can anyone help with finding a good free CBT for this exam
    • lucky from United Kingdom 08 14 2011, 3:28 PM Report Spam
      is this dump is still VALID in UK i have exam on thursday 19th aug
    • RfN from Denmark


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