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Exam: GP 10.0 Human Resources With Payroll
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Posted: 2011-06-09
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Download: Microsoft.ExamGoal.MB3-533.v2011-06-09.by.durwin.50q.vce

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    • imlaim from Spain 10 10 2010, 9:20 AM Report Spam
      Hi there,

      I will take this exam soon, I have too many doubts because some of yours take this exan with sucess and others with no success I actually studiying with cbt nuggets and practice with this exam but I not sure if I'm in the wrong way…

      Tell us with a more detailed description how was the exam for you, I mean how the testlets are, how many questios you have…


    • Chris1972 from Germany 09 02 2010, 10:39 AM Report Spam
      Hi, I tested about 68q from this dump and I learned Robyn, Mahmoud and Taylor before. This dump here has interesting new questions, but be aware some questions have wrong answers, some answers are incomplete, some answers reach over more than one answering letter, some answers are doubled or tripled and so on. I stopped learning with this dump because it's to risky to get wrong informations into my brain. Furthermore you have only one exam with these 301q in a row. I recommend not to use this dump, all the others are better.
    • Tarakan from Germany 07 14 2010, 1:44 PM Report Spam
      I made out of my 301q upload an additional and corrected test to Taylor with 2×43 questions.
      Be sure you learn from Taylor 114q + 14q first.

      It should be visible soon.

    • Tarakan from Germany 07 13 2010, 11:31 PM Report Spam
      C-. Went through 100q of that. Less are wrong, but there are some new questions (for example Ipv6 NA ). So I better will learn the Taylor + 14 and just fly over these 301 q. It seems that there really won´t be any simulations. Some said there aren´t any multiple-select q.
    • C from Jordan 07 13 2010, 10:40 AM Report Spam
      Some answers are incorrect
      Please let me know the best questions
    • Tshepo More from South Africa 07 13 2010, 6:15 AM Report Spam
      Tarakan, thanks for feedback, appreciated and I look forward into checking this forum fluently because I am also writing somewhere in 08ust.
    • jj from Australia 07 12 2010, 11:58 PM Report Spam
      646 you better off study the taylor dumps,people still passed over the last weeks with it.
    • Tarakan from Germany 07 12 2010, 5:43 PM Report Spam
      Dear Tshepo, take the time to compare with other uploads. In tiltle you can see 301q = 301 questions. With .vce files you can´t expect any simulations.
      So maybe about 114 questions are enough, but I am always not sure if there are many disturbing wrong answers and small differences in the case studies.
      I´ll take the exam at 22.07. Then I can tell you more.
    • Tshepo More from South Africa 07 12 2010, 10:49 AM Report Spam
      Tarakan, please update this page. Dont just upload and cut-off. Tell us how many questions for the exam, simulations etc. Please help us to understand this better.
    • 646 from Pakistan 07 12 2010, 9:16 AM Report Spam
      Are these dumps valid in Pakistan?


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