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Exam: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Installation and Deployment
Size: 459.76 KB
Posted: 2011-11-23
Votes: 2
Download: Microsoft.ExamGoal.MB2-867.v2011-11-23.by.Aram.85q.vce

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    • Sunnyboy from South Africa 10 18 2011, 3:25 AM Report Spam
      Passed today with 868. Exam include 3 testlets. First Testlet contains 11 Scenario based questions. Second testlet is 25 normal questions. Third Testlet is 8 scenario based questions. All of the questions came out of this VCE, but as mentioned before, there are a couple of wrong answers. But knowing each answer and why it is the answer should be enough to pass. Study the answer/s and not A,B,C,D. Thanks for the guys making the effort to compile this VCE.
    • xxx from Bolivia 10 10 2011, 11:47 AM Report Spam
      somebody knows if this exam have labs?testlets?o something freak!? …and this stills valid!?
    • João from Brazil 09 13 2011, 7:53 PM Report Spam
      this dumps is still valid just passed the exam today with 868 score :)
    • Brut from United States 08 31 2011, 11:50 AM Report Spam
      The dump is valid.Passed today.
    • Tim from Canada 08 22 2011, 4:27 PM Report Spam
      you plan to deploy exchange server 2010 UM, you need to recommend a swolution for the planned deployment that meets the companys requirements.

      On SAM Dump, the answer is C deploy the UM server role on each Exchange server.

      On the new Lyncspecialist dump the answer is D add two new Exchange servers that have the UM server role installed

      which is correct on the exam, C or D

    • Student from France 08 22 2011, 3:58 PM Report Spam
      Thank you Lyncspecialist for yor job !!
    • Lyncspecialist from India 08 20 2011, 4:05 PM Report Spam
      Hi All… I have edited this dumps n uploaded the new one by the name of "Microsoft.BrainDump.70-665.v2011-08-20.by.LyncSpecialist.55q.vce". This dumps is same as Sam but only 2-3 answers i have corrected.. I am sure if u follow this dumps u will get more marks even more than me…
    • Lyncspecialist from India 08 20 2011, 3:39 PM Report Spam
      Passed today (20th 08) with 868/1000. Dump valid in India. No new question and all the questions r fromthis dumps.
      Exam was divided into 4 section n that is 3 testlet n one real exam. 1st testlet 8 ques, 2nd testlet 11 ques, 3rd looks like real exam 25 ques n 4th testlet 11 ques.

      Some answers in this dumps r wrong n that is why everyone is getting less marks.
      wrong ans details Q: need to recommend ent voice conf meet company voice req. Corect Ans: one dial plan that contains 4 normalization rules. Because there is one default global dial plan n that is already enabled and rest dial plan is only site dial plan so in this ques they have not mentioned any site so by considering only 1 site the anw is one dial plan…

      Also regarding the ans in which there is no exhibit i will try to make the diagram on my own n will upload the same but dnt wry as the ans seems to be correct even without the exhibit…

    • dgdhh from South Africa 08 20 2011, 11:06 AM Report Spam
      This dump is still valid in SA. A couple of new questions, but still enough to pass.i pass on the 17
    • mok from Egypt 08 20 2011, 2:32 AM Report Spam
      i am sorry lyncspecialist for late . I am sure that dump contain 6 questions with wrong answeres but i not sure which questions is wrong
    • ticktack from Hungary 08 19 2011, 10:19 AM Report Spam
      Dump valid, passed 19th of august in Austria.

      Learn hard before take this exam!

    • bokbong from Malaysia 08 19 2011, 7:03 AM Report Spam
      I got 831 for this exam. thanks sam for dump. There is a new testlet questions version; hence not all questions are from this dump. However, it helps you to pass the exam though. Thanks for the helps.
    • Tim from Canada 08 18 2011, 9:15 PM Report Spam
      How long is it taking everyone to write this exam? I did the 664 in 23 min. how is this exam based on the dump?
    • Lyncspecialist from United States 08 17 2011, 1:32 PM Report Spam
      Mok…. as you got 900 marks so can you please share the wrong answers details…
    • mok from Egypt 08 17 2011, 1:28 PM Report Spam
      valied in egypt 900
    • Hamid from Afghanistan 08 16 2011, 10:39 AM Report Spam
      this dumps is still valid just passed the exam today with 812 score :)
    • Sture from Sweden 08 10 2011, 9:32 AM Report Spam
      Passed with 868 in Sweden.
    • Hussain from India 07 30 2011, 11:33 AM Report Spam
      Valid In INDIA
    • tee from Nigeria 07 30 2011, 11:02 AM Report Spam
      scored 850 yesterday, this dump is great….are some answers still wrong? was xpecting '9 sumtin' like sam too….its still great tho, thanks alot sam, ur dump was too too helpful…
    • Ik from Netherlands 07 29 2011, 12:23 PM Report Spam
      Valid in the Netherlands.
      Passing score 868
    • king06 from Turkey 07 28 2011, 7:02 AM Report Spam
      I pass 850 %100 valid in Turkey
    • Tim from United States 07 27 2011, 1:15 PM Report Spam
      Yanko… All ques r from this dumps?
    • Yanko from France 07 27 2011, 11:11 AM Report Spam
      Passed today with a score of 797.
      Testlet are full case studies with company architecture details what it has, what it wants, the requirement, etc.
      The 55 questions include testlet questions
      It's a bit strange at the beginning but it doesn't change a lot the usual exams.
    • Bloedspoed from South Africa 07 26 2011, 3:05 PM Report Spam
      So if this VCE only have 55 Questions and the actuall Exam has 55 questions, then I assume the only questions in the possible pool of questions is only 55 as well. Is this correct?
    • Bloedspoed from South Africa 07 26 2011, 10:48 AM Report Spam
      Hi Jolsen

      Thanks for this. Please explain what a difference is of a normal Multiple answer qustions and a Testlet? I've never experienced a Testlet, so what does it entail or how does it look like?


    • Tim from United States 07 26 2011, 9:06 AM Report Spam
      Jolsen.. all questions r from this dumps? how many marks u got? I am asking this because this will help us in determining the number of wrong answers…
    • Jolsen from Italy 07 26 2011, 7:42 AM Report Spam
      Passed yesterday with this dump. Thanks !!!!!!

      25 questions + 11 questions (testlet) + 8 questions (testlet) + 11 questions (testlet) = TOT 55

      Passing score 700 . 195 min total (40 min each testlet)

    • Bloedspoed from South Africa 07 25 2011, 10:26 AM Report Spam

      Is this exam multiple questions only? Also 55 Q's like the 70-664 exam? No scenario's or drag and drop?


    • John from Israel 07 22 2011, 3:12 PM Report Spam
      How many questions are in the exam ?
      How long does it take ?
    • Sam from United States 07 22 2011, 5:08 AM Report Spam
      Hi All

      I have uploaded this dumps and i have modified the wrong answers n got 926…


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