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Exam: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator
Size: 763.39 KB
Posted: 2011-09-03
Votes: 0
Download: Microsoft.ExamGoal.70-686.v2011-09-03.by.Ghalib.115q.vce

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    • WindowsGuy from Canada 03 01 2013, 3:19 PM Report Spam
      I uploaded a totally new version without the password (again!). Sorry if it inconvenienced people.
    • Mcse from Ireland 02 28 2013, 7:38 PM Report Spam
      @Archer, Actually it is password protected.If You right click on the file and try to edit it.it will look for a password
    • Archer from Unknown 02 28 2013, 5:17 PM Report Spam
      This is not password protected.. can be used..
    • Mcse from Ireland 02 28 2013, 12:23 PM Report Spam
      Dont bother wasting any comments on here my friend.I have asked for the password to be removed many times any my comments have been removed for no reason
    • Lordx from Norway 02 27 2013, 7:57 AM Report Spam
      Have you guys tried the actually updated file that he said wasn't password protected? It's the latest one(from Ano…). Stop whining and be grateful. If you can't read comments, you should learn that before taking an IT exam.
    • mCSE from Ireland 02 26 2013, 11:42 PM Report Spam
      What is the point of putting comments up here if they are going to be taken off again.People have been asking for asswipe to remove the password on this dump so they can print out the dump.
    • Shazi from Saudi Arabia 02 26 2013, 6:51 AM Report Spam
      TechGuru from United States: did you passed with this one. or the newer one in which WIndowsguy corrected questions.
    • TechGuru from United States 02 26 2013, 5:07 AM Report Spam
      Passed with an 880 today. Thanks a million!!!
    • graimer from Norway 02 25 2013, 10:48 PM Report Spam
      Q1:05be PIN is not required to be a secondary auth method, but it's how 99.999% of the computers will be set up. "In instances where the Network Unlock provider is unavailable, BitLocker fails over to the next available protector to unlock the drive. In a typical configuration, this means the standard TPM+PIN unlock screen is presented to unlock the drive." (from your same source)
    • LTE from Italy 02 24 2013, 10:40 AM Report Spam
      Thanks to original uploader Sandman ! and also to WindowsGuy.
    • WindowsGuy from Canada 02 24 2013, 3:34 AM Report Spam
      @graimer: Corrected Q42, Q1 is correct, added link for proof, Q31 is updated, the wording in the actual exam did not say Computer (kerberos) so I updated the image to match the actual. Thanks for the feedback.

      Password is also removed.

    • graimer from Norway 02 23 2013, 11:38 PM Report Spam
      Q31 Is wrong. I'm not sure what's the right answer, since every possible solution seems to be missing a part. Computers (Kerberos) authentication is only available in a domain-network, and the computers are in a workgroup.
    • Reese from United States 02 23 2013, 11:20 PM Report Spam
      Being rude to the person who is supplying the dump is not cool at all. I cannot believe some people. A simple THANK YOU goes far!!!
    • Reese from United States 02 23 2013, 8:34 PM Report Spam
      WindowsGuy, thank you for taking time out to do this. Really appreciate the time and effort.
    • graimer from Norway 02 23 2013, 4:13 PM Report Spam
      Q1 is wrong. Answer is C: Provide employees with bitlocker PIN.
      Network Unlock is a secondary unlock method for the PIN in a TPM+PIN setup. When a network with Network Unlock support is not available, PIN is required as the secondary authentication.
    • graimer from Norway 02 23 2013, 2:04 PM Report Spam
      correction: I haven't verified it**
    • graimer from Norway 02 23 2013, 2:04 PM Report Spam
      Q42: You need to create a backup copy of the computer system drive. The backup copy must support a complete system drive restore to another computer.
      Your answer is C: create a system recovery drive.
      I think the right answer is D: Perform a backup to a shared folder by using the wbadmin command with the -allcritical switch (which is a bare metal backup).
      I may be wrong(have verified it), but a system recovery drive is only the tools you need to repair or restore backup, isn't it? not a complete backup of the disk
    • WindowsGuy from Canada 02 22 2013, 4:52 PM Report Spam
      Passed using this dump with 863/1000 on 2/21/2013. All questions on the exam were in the dump. NOTE: Some questions are wrong as I didnt get 100% but will correct the dump from any feedback given. Post your corrections / updates and I will fix.


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