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Exam: Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications
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Posted: 2012-03-15
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    • Dosjock from United States 09 17 2011, 2:16 AM Report Spam
      While Castleblackniac is partially correct, you do need to assign and not publish you also cannot use GPOs to install software to domain controllers. So D is the correct option.
    • legn from United States 05 11 2011, 6:58 PM Report Spam
      Liar!!! I used this dump and took the exam yersterday. i failed with a score of 630/1000. it could be lower if I don't have experienced.
    • Castleblackniac from Argentina 04 18 2011, 7:36 PM Report Spam

      For me the answer is C.

      You need assign, no publish.

    • kbng from Unknown 04 17 2011, 9:27 PM Report Spam
      The CIO has asked you to configure a GPO that will ensure that antivirus software is installed on every computer in the company. You are the most senior administrator in the company and have full access to every computer, and to Active Directory. Your company has a single domain and site. Which one of the following actions do you take?

      A: You configure a GPO at the domain level, and publish the application to all computers
      B: You configure a GPO at the site level, and assign the application to all computers
      c: You create a GPO with the required settings and link it into all OUs that have computer accounts in it. You set the options to assign the application to computers.
      D: You tell him it cannot be done.

      Which one is correct?

    • john from Unknown 04 17 2011, 7:09 PM Report Spam
      beware, lot of wrong answers
    • The_DumpNator from United States 04 15 2011, 2:54 PM Report Spam


      Microsoft Dump4Cert 70-640 v2011-02-23 by SerJuan 230q.vce –
      SerJaun THANKS !!!

      The Dump had ALL the test questions. Passed 910 in the USA.

      Disclaimer: make sure you have some hands on experience, MS press book is a good source for hands on experience with their labs. it's a Must have.
      Or Exam Cram.book.

      Transcender is good source to get some theory behind but not very helpfull for the test.

      Good Luck

    • vernon from Unknown 04 15 2011, 1:32 PM Report Spam
      @abe thanks for info.
    • abe from Germany 04 15 2011, 9:48 AM Report Spam
      I don't know what to do. There are many new questions in this dump. But there are many questions double or more times in it.
      There are many questions with wrong answers as well.

      So, nobody can know whether the answers of the new questions are correct.
      I have doubts on this one.
      @all:Be careful. could be fake, I think

    • Precious from South Africa 04 15 2011, 8:36 AM Report Spam
      @keredd: the answers is A and C:

      A. Create a Zone delegation record in the contoso.com zone

      C. Create an Active Directory-intergrated zone for _msdsc.contoso.com

    • keredd from United States 04 15 2011, 7:01 AM Report Spam
      On the following question it asks to chooe two but this dump only has a single answer chosen. WTF?

      Your Network contains an Active Directory forest. The forest contains two domains contoso.com and eu.contoso.com. All domain controllers are DNS servers. The domain controllers in contoso.com host the zone for contoso.com.
      The domain controllers in eu.contoso.com host the zone for eu.contoso.com.
      The DNS zone is configured as shown in the exhibit:(Shows a DNS manager console open)

      You need to make sure that all domain controllers in the forest have a writable copy of _msdsc.contoso.com. Which TWO actions should you perform.

      ONLY "A" is chosen! WTF???

      I got this question on the test and it drove me FKN CRAZY! What is the answer!!



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