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Exam: i-Net+
Size: 355.96 KB
Posted: 2008-07-17
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Download: CompTIA.Passleader.IK0-002.v2008-07-17.by.Ramon.483q.vce

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    • John from United States 07 30 2011, 5:12 AM Report Spam
      Passed my 220-702 today with a score of 840. There were about 8-10 questions from here with all the rest being new questions that I had never seen before. There were no Windows 7 questions on my exam. This dump, and the other dumps, are still good for studying though because the most important factor in passing the 220-702 is to understand why the correct answers are the correct answers. If you can do that you should still be able to pass the exam even with the new questions since they exam I took today still covered the same material…it was just worded differently. I used this dump and the Nadeem and Brian dumps for my studying purposes.
    • Tristan from South Africa 07 28 2011, 6:21 AM Report Spam
      These are no longer valid dumps, they are out of date!
    • trav from United States 07 27 2011, 5:32 PM Report Spam
      passed my 702 today with a score of 800. I saw maybe 3 questions from here all the rest were new and i had never seen them before
    • A+ Teach from United States 07 27 2011, 5:23 AM Report Spam
      Win7 questions are mainly file path questions. Many students testing this & last month reported seeing 4-8 file path questions (SAM file, user profile, fonts strong emphasis on program files & x86 flavor.)

      Other areas I recall were regarding the action center (forget wording), gadgets, color of encrypted (green) and compressed files (blue) those last came up for most.

      Gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7 can be added or removed by right clicking on the Desktop and going into the
      Display Folder.

      Hope this helps troubleshooting questions: They are drawn exactly from objectives:
      1. Identify the problem – Question the user, identify user changes, and perform backups before making changes.
      2. Analyze the problem – Establish a theory of probable cause. – This is often referred to as root cause analysis.
      3. Test components – Test the theory to determine the cause. Once the theory is confirmed, determine the next steps to resolve the
      problem. If the theory is not confirmed, establish a new theory or escalate the problem.
      4. Establish a plan of action – Finally, implement the solution.
      5. Evaluate the results – Verify full system functionality. If applicable, implement preventative measures.
      6. Document – Record your findings, actions, and outcomes.

    • maria ngambi from South Africa 07 26 2011, 11:10 AM Report Spam
      Darryl from the USA did your friend pass the exam? if yes please post the questions for me i will be writting in two weeks. email me at mariangambi@yahoo.com.
    • Darryl from United States 07 25 2011, 4:07 PM Report Spam
      Do any body have the windows 7 questions for the A+. My friend just took it and he said he got more Windows 7 question than anything else.
    • thin from United States 07 23 2011, 7:26 PM Report Spam
      And can you convert to pdf file please!!!!!
    • maria ngambi from South Africa 07 15 2011, 4:26 PM Report Spam
      hello good people! please i will be writting my exam in code 702 and i honestly need your help. please post the updated ones for me!
      love you guys.
    • maxwell from South Africa 07 14 2011, 10:48 PM Report Spam
      guys the exams u uploaded here are just 15 questions, whats up wit that? do y'all want us to fail?
    • Pacman from United Kingdom 07 13 2011, 9:15 PM Report Spam
      Does anyone know of where I can get updated questions as these I saw today were really hard????
    • Pacman from United Kingdom 07 13 2011, 9:14 PM Report Spam
      All exams listed here are out of date, not one question listed in these exams was on the one I wrote today. Failed…very sad : (
    • george from United Kingdom 07 01 2011, 6:01 PM Report Spam
      passed today with 850, thanks
    • Evans from south africa from South Africa 06 24 2011, 6:28 PM Report Spam
      I wrote 2day n passd with 850 exam was fair enough n look up 4 wndws 7 question . Thanx 4 one who posted.
    • Sgt Blackbeard from Netherlands 06 23 2011, 7:02 AM Report Spam
      Wonder if there will be much complex network and command related questions?
      Most of the time I score 960 out of 1000 but I still don't hit it at networks and DOS commands. :)
    • Psy from South Africa 06 22 2011, 3:41 PM Report Spam
      Good luck Zee, if you have been working with computers, fixing, toubleshooting not much to worry about. This dump does have some mistakes and incorrect answers. Just go over the questions multiple times and rather try understand why. I did come across questions in tne test which I never came across in my 2 dumps.
    • Zee from Unknown 06 21 2011, 5:17 PM Report Spam
      Writing next week in south africa hope the same questions come out, please let me know if anyone has any tips for me
    • Psy from South Africa 06 21 2011, 7:04 AM Report Spam
      wrote and passed yesterday, got 857. Studied this and the one by nadeem.


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