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Exam: Network+ (2007)
Size: 2.12 MB
Posted: 2010-02-27
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Download: CompTIA.Braindump2go.N10-003.v2010-02-27.by.Joseph.882q.vce

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    • Georgie from United States 10 25 2013, 12:22 AM Report Spam
      @Al Green, ok is it me, or has the link for the sims been removed?
    • Taichi from Unknown 10 24 2013, 9:55 PM Report Spam
      @Sitting_Exam_Soon , sorry didnt, got 610
    • Sitting_Exam_Soon from United States 10 24 2013, 3:04 PM Report Spam
      Did you pass Taichi ?
    • Taichi from United Kingdom 10 24 2013, 12:00 PM Report Spam
      good practice, few question from this dump,, exam is updated
    • Al Green from Unknown 10 24 2013, 8:25 AM Report Spam
      Not valid. Still passed the exam but not with the help of this dump or any dump here. Zico, Javes, Susan, Daisy, none of them are valid. Study your port numbers and study the simulations posted in a link at the bottom of this thread. Just took the test yesterday 23 10 13.
    • PK from New Zealand 10 23 2013, 8:00 AM Report Spam
      Not a valid dump any more. only got 5- 6 questions from this dump. Please provide new one. Thanks
    • IT_Paysthebills from Djibouti 10 22 2013, 7:09 PM Report Spam
      I would say the difference between this dump and other current study material is that the questions are asked differently but with the same answers. I would agree that using this solely will not get you a passing score because the Exam has been updated asking the questions in a different fashion. From reading all the negative feed back the past few days I purchased some study material that was updated 28 09tember 2013 and notice that the questions are very similar however if you are studying off of plain "Brain Dumping" your photographic memory will be detered when you see the updated questions.. Just being real .. Good luck to everyone.
    • daniel from Macedonia 10 21 2013, 11:00 AM Report Spam
      Pls someone post the new update because this is not valid anymore..
    • Like a Boss from United States 10 19 2013, 10:10 PM Report Spam
      Dump is no longer valid, though it does provide a good study companion for the verbage of the actual exam. I went through Darril Gibson's Get Certified Get Ahead, read each chapter, did the quizzes at the end, and last night/this morning I went through all 297 questions, got a 73% on them. Took the exam this morning as well, passed with 830/900. Do yourself a huge favor and read the mentioned book above, ESPECIALLY the last two chapters.

      Good luck.

    • carrie ward from United States 10 19 2013, 4:41 PM Report Spam
      I don't think this exam is valid anylonger…took exam on 10-18 and only 6 or 7 questions from this dump on exam…good study material
    • it guy from Bahrain 10 19 2013, 4:30 PM Report Spam
      1-phishing: The user will be told to click a link to correct the problem. After they click the link—which goes to a site other than the bank’s—they are asked for their username, password, account information.
      2-whaling:is nothing more than phishing or spear phishing but for big users. Instead of sending out a To Whom It 05 Concern message to thousands of users, the whaler identifies one person from whom they can gain all the data they want—usually a manager or owner—and targets the phishing campaign at them.
      3-Social Engineering:Your help desk gets a call at 4:00 a.m. from someone purporting to be the vice president of your company. She tells the help desk personnel that she is out of town to attend a meeting, her computer just failed, and she is sitting in a Kinko’s trying to get a fi le from her desktop computer back at the office. She can’t seem to remember her password and user ID. She tells the help desk representative that she needs access to the information right away orthe company could lose millions of dollars. Your help desk rep knows how important this meeting is and gives the vice president her user ID and password over the phone instead of calling IT. You've been hit!
      4-Spim: spam over instant messaging (IM). Spim is perpetuated by bots that harvest IM screen names off of the Internet and simulate a human user by sending spam to the screen names via an instant message. The spim typically contains a link to a Web site that the spimmer is trying to market.
      5: unknown: it could not be phising because phising is sent by email titled to whom this may concern, it could be spear phising since the email is sent through one that you know but its not mentioned in the question, it could be social engineering but it would be used twice as an answer for this question.
    • Cards from United States 10 18 2013, 10:32 PM Report Spam
      NOT VALID – I tested 2 hrs ago and barely passed after studying for a week on these Qs which there is about 7-10's. The SIMS are valid – I had the one were Sim 1. Drag and drop security features for Mobile Device and Terminal Server.?Sim 3 Configure Firewall for 2 computers. Input the 4 rules asked by the question. (ie. ip address of source and dest, TCP or UDP Port number of services.?Sim 7.Five different Social Engineering scenarios. select from a dropdown list what is happening (ie. Phishing, Hoax, Pharming etc…)

      If it wasn't for me reading all the terms and the meaning I would have definitely FAILED.

    • CodyK from United States 10 18 2013, 3:58 PM Report Spam
      Hey guys. Took the test today and passed. It only had approx 5-10 questions on it from this. Your best bet is with Javes' dump. had close to 30 of that dump's quesitons. And the sims are unchanged! Good luck!
    • Iceman from Afghanistan 10 18 2013, 5:06 AM Report Spam
      @UltraT3ch according to feedback from this site the dump is no longer valid. Question: Are most of the questions from this dump on the exam. I am schedule to take the test this coming Sunday and I have studied Zico, Norma and Javes now I seeing that the dumps are no longer valid. Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated.
    • UltraT3ch from United States 10 18 2013, 3:37 AM Report Spam
      Hi Guys,

      I just PASSED the exam today :) !

      About 80% of this dump is still good.
      Remember to study the sims- about 5 sims in there, 2 already in the dump.

      Study well, and you should pass!

    • Johnson from Switzerland 10 18 2013, 3:37 AM Report Spam
      The test may no longer be valid, but its still good information to study because it's true in practice…How long till we get the next dump?
    • Rock from United States 10 17 2013, 3:52 PM Report Spam
      Dont study this dump. It is not valid anymore
    • from United States 10 17 2013, 1:12 AM Report Spam
      took test today. As the others have stated, dump is no longer valid. Studied for 2-3 days, only 7-10 of the multi choice questions were from this dump.
    • Robert Gudinas from United States 10 17 2013, 12:53 AM Report Spam
      This dump is not valid, took the test today, passed with 766. Only about 5 questions were on the test. DO NOT study this dump.
    • Everyone from United States 10 16 2013, 9:33 PM Report Spam
      NOT VAILID!!! Only 6-7 questions from this and Javes dump…
    • kany from United States 10 16 2013, 6:17 PM Report Spam
      Only about seven of these questions were on the test
    • QuibsY from United States 10 16 2013, 3:50 PM Report Spam
      Passed today (10 16) with 781. There were maybe 8 questions straight off this dump. Do not rely on this dump as your only means of study.
    • CertKillah from United States 10 15 2013, 11:01 PM Report Spam
      Is there a way to break all 297 questions into test objective categories? Right now I have them sectioned off in groups of 50.. any input would be helpful as this is my first time using a .vce file.
    • John Lizano from Costa Rica 10 15 2013, 6:32 PM Report Spam
      Not a valid dump. Just took the test on 10 14 and passed with 814. Valid dumps are Zico, Norma and Javes
    • HERE I GO from United States 10 15 2013, 4:19 PM Report Spam

      you will be fine if you have studied Zico and Javes dumps till your blue in the face. I tested myself I don't know how many times thru all 297 and 293 questions in each dump multiple times until I scored perfectly. I just took the exam Friday the 11th and I'm telling you, I could not have passed without these dumps. I don't think the sims count, I think I may have gotten atleast 3 of the 6 correct. There were about 10 to 15 new questions that were not on the dump, I just did a process of elimination on some, the others were relatively simple. Never the less, make sure you get everyone of the dumps questions correct and you should be good to go.

      Good Luck.

    • Johnson from United States 10 15 2013, 5:09 AM Report Spam
      Damn bro, third time??? This dump is supposed to be still good. Your mission is to let us know after you test if its still good…Cool?
    • Dank from United States 10 15 2013, 4:25 AM Report Spam
      I take the test tomorrow and this will be my 3rd time taking it. I hope that this dump works out for me.
    • Johnson from Unknown 10 15 2013, 3:33 AM Report Spam
      I didnt quite understand it, but I assume a date and time stamp would help in that situation. what did you get for the security Diagram. I got:

      Unsecured computer room: All cable locks

      OFFice workplace: Safe, Proximity Badge, Cipher lock????

      Data Center: Bio Scanner, CCTV, Mantrap, and Cipher lock

      Off site: Cable locks???

      For configuring the Firewall

      #1 Configure firewall to let port 443 on Accounting and Admin Server communicate????

      #2 COnfigure firewall to let port 22 on HR reach to port 22 on server 2??


    • Iceman from Afghanistan 10 15 2013, 3:14 AM Report Spam
      @ both Johnson the answers you stated are correct. I am taking the exam in the next few days and those are the answers I came up with so far. In reference to the read scripts form Firewall, IDS, and Router. Which network device failed I think you will have to look at each script and check the time and date stamp to see which on failed. Please add your input if I am incorrect.
    • Johnson from United States 10 15 2013, 3:01 AM Report Spam
      Correct me if Im wrong
      Types of Security:

      Mobile Device Servers in Data Center Security
      GPS Tracking FM 200
      Remote Wipe Biometrics
      Device Encription Proximity Badge
      Antivirus? Mantrap

    • Johnson from Romania 10 15 2013, 2:36 AM Report Spam
      Since no one who has passed will answer…I would like to give one of the PPT's a shot. Correct me if Im wrong:

      Types of Attacks:
      #1 Phishing
      #2 Whaling
      #3 Vishing
      #4 Spim
      #5 Social Engineering

    • Anon from United States 10 14 2013, 4:00 PM Report Spam
      Literally just got out of my cert and passed. Just like "HERE I GO" said, 90 minutes, 5-6 sims and 75 questions. I got to the point where I was answering questions based on what answers were provided (didn't really read the question). I had all the sims from the PPTX posted (I had 1 more that wasn't on there but it was pretty easy), and if I had to guess, there were about 65 questions from this dump on the exam. The other ones were either the 'feeler questions' or new questions in rotation. Nothing too difficult to be honest.

      How I studied: Darril Gibson Security+ book for context, then this dump (Zico), Javes, Norma and Susan's. Honestly, the last three are really good, but Zico's has all of the questions so the rest are just redundant. First time I took this dump as practice was right after reading the Security+ book and only scored a 690 something. Kept using the dump all weekend and was scoring 99%. Passed the real exam with a 860. Good luck and thanks for the awesome dump!

    • Notools from United States 10 14 2013, 12:16 PM Report Spam
      Passed Test Friday, 791 i have to said is about 75% i got 15 new questions and 6 sims good luck guys but still valid. I would have totally bombed had i not had reviewed these questions.
    • HERE I GO from United States 10 13 2013, 9:49 PM Report Spam
      Jack, I just took it Friday morning 11 10. There were only 75 questions and about 6 or 7 Sims. You have 90 min to complete the exam . I took it with PearsonVue. I found that everything posted by the bloggers that took the exam before me were right on the money. I studied the TestOut program for content and understanding of the verbage, and the Zico and Javes Dumps for the questions because those were the exact questions on the exam. By understanding the verbage and how the system works, your better able to apply the process of elimination for the questions in the exam that are not in the dump. In regards to the Sims, I didnt study for those because I couldnt find anything definitive enough to help. never the less I found that in the exam the sims were either common sense or extremely difficult. i may have gotten atleast 3 of them correct. I got an 809 because of the Zico dumps.
    • Jack Straw from United States 10 12 2013, 9:53 AM Report Spam
      I was on the comptia site and it looks like most of the tests now have 100 questions in each test…anyone who's taken these test recently is that true?
    • Zico from Unknown 10 12 2013, 6:22 AM Report Spam
      I am so happy that my this upload helping u all and you all are welcome and dont forgot to vote this file if it help you.
    • Guntotingninja from United States 10 11 2013, 6:59 PM Report Spam
      Good Dump, passed today 11 OCT with an 814, like the others said, got about 10 questions that werent on the dump, but you should be able to take an educated guess. Sims are tricky,do them last. look below for reference on the sims, I could only find 3 of the 7.
    • Gino from United States 10 11 2013, 5:57 PM Report Spam
      Just pass Security+ i have to said is about 75% i got 15 new questions and 6 sims good luck guys but still valid.

      Zico do you have a dump for a Server+ please let me know thanks.

    • eroc samuelson from United States 10 11 2013, 4:38 PM Report Spam
      Still valid. Passed with 809. This dump is about 85% accurate.
      Zico you are the best!
    • here i go from United States 10 11 2013, 3:10 PM Report Spam
      Thank God, it's finally over. Zico, you will never know how much i appreciate you for posting this dump, it was indeed right on the money. Passed with an 809 and i am ecstatic. Thanx also to all the bloggers, it was your feed back and words of encouragement, that i used everyday to fuel my confidence. Thanx all of you,
    • stretchnuts from United States


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