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Exam: Citrix Netscaler 8.0: Administration
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Posted: 2011-11-08
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Download: Citrix.RealExamQuestions.1Y0-731.v2011-11-08.by.BRETT.109q.vce

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    • lbalachander from India 10 27 2011, 5:23 AM Report Spam
      Hi John, I did not pass the exam since I got confused with few questions. I have not only referred this dump, but few other admin guides as well… still no luck.
    • RICHY from United States 10 26 2011, 10:24 AM Report Spam

      anyone passed this exam
      any prepapration materials for this exam
      any advises

      thanks for ur feedbacks

    • john from China 10 26 2011, 8:35 AM Report Spam
      Hi, lbalachander
      Do you pass this exam? and what score did you get?
    • lbalachander from India 10 19 2011, 8:25 PM Report Spam
      I took the exam today, few questions appeared from this dump. However, this dump is not sufficient to pass the exam. Exam had 2 sections with 20 questions in each section.

      Section A had multiple choice questions which we can answer by understanding the project documentation given in the exhibit.

      Section B had 15 questions of tree type, where each question is scenario based and will have 3 sub-questions. You need to choose an option for subquestion 1, based on that option the other two sub-questions appears within each question. You cannot go back and choose a different option once you have attended a question or a sub-question. Hence, be careful while choosing the options. You will also have 5 multiple choice questions.

      It is important to get enough experience on the implementation side, before attending this exam since it really tests your skills.

    • Roj from United States 10 11 2011, 2:19 PM Report Spam
      Never used them. I tried to find that demo from certsking but did not find this exam there. Probably removed from their site implying it wasn't valid either.
    • TZ from United States 09 30 2011, 1:59 PM Report Spam
      has anyone used certsking? from the demo, the answer looks right
    • Bob from United States 09 09 2011, 4:28 AM Report Spam
      Totally wrong, every one of the files for this test so far will result in a fail.
    • stingray from United States 08 31 2011, 9:17 PM Report Spam
      if we get the scenario you can pass the exam. It currently has 2 sections missing does anyone have them
    • stingray from United States 08 31 2011, 9:16 PM Report Spam
      Yup I agree with jojoma.
    • jojoma from United States 08 08 2011, 5:43 PM Report Spam
      Ok all… These questions can also be wrong. Even if they are seen on the exam. If you read the prep guide from citrix on the exam, part II has 15 tree arc questions each with three seprate questions. if you answer the first one wrong then the two after can be wrong questions on the design, let alone worrying about answers. the most importnat aspect of part II is to get the first of each tree arc qustion right to maximaze your score. So even th0ough these questionmay appear on the exam they may be from an incorrect first choice in the arc question tree path. see the prep quide from citrix and read it.
    • oy from Canada 08 02 2011, 1:51 AM Report Spam
      still another fake. any answers that advocate using local profiles is blatantly wrong. any answer that advocates manually installing receiver plugins on user desktops is wrong. a test that indicates not being able to access smart published apps can be addressed using smart auditor (which operates WITHIN a session) is also wrong. don't waste your time or money on this one.
    • 03tijn from Netherlands 07 27 2011, 9:26 AM Report Spam
      And what is different since your last post? It is missing the Scenario so there is no way to anwser the questions…

      Anyone has leads on this one?!


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