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Download Cisco.TopCerts.350-027.v2.31.vce

Exam: CCIE Written: Metro Ethernet
Size: 1.5 MB
Posted: 2013-06-30
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Download: Cisco.TopCerts.350-027.v2.31.vce

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    • George from Unknown 02 19 2011, 6:03 PM Report Spam
      I sure hope this helps me.
    • Ammar from Pakistan 05 05 2010, 10:10 AM Report Spam
      yeees biju289 is absolutely ryt …. no doubt
    • biju289 from India 04 07 2010, 5:05 AM Report Spam
      dear salah,
      u r wrong .the default gateway is which means the network id is ip range is to is broadcast id and can't be assigned to any network hosts.Thus the correct answer is "c"
    • salah from Egypt 04 06 2010, 8:33 PM Report Spam
      plz question no 99 in TI 310

      the network default gateway applying to a host by dhcp is which option is th valid ip address of this host ?


      chosse one & correct answer write with TI is c
      but i see that (b) is correct too because is broatcast & last usable IP

      please any one explain it to me thx

    • rashiti from Albania 04 01 2010, 12:01 PM Report Spam
      mohammed can you write the question here and i'll try to answer your question..
    • mohammed from Egypt 04 01 2010, 4:32 AM Report Spam
      hello guys
      plz can any one explain the question no 83 in test inside 17.11 with 310 question and write to me the no. of question with awrong answer and tell me
      the right answer of it & any one have the new test inside with 312 q plz put link ir send to me by mail nightmurder81@yahoo.com thx
    • mohammed from Egypt 03 31 2010, 1:53 AM Report Spam
      hello guys
      plz tell me if test inside 310q & 9tut enough to pass exam 640-802
    • Opara Lilian from Nigeria 03 30 2010, 7:06 AM Report Spam
      Pls can someone help me send d current real exam question on CCNA to my mail box lilyvic22@yahoo.com because i will write my exam on saturday.A friend of mine wrote his last saturday and failed it.kindly help me out plsssssssssss.
    • Kim from Brazil 03 29 2010, 10:38 PM Report Spam
      Good night, where I could get a dump 100% valid for Brazil?
    • yildz from Netherlands 03 29 2010, 10:22 PM Report Spam
      Is this Dump Valid in the europe.
    • Kim from Brazil 03 29 2010, 5:29 PM Report Spam
      When I open the file appear only 93 questions. Is there a problem? This file and even an edition of actualtests?
    • siva from Unknown 03 29 2010, 1:27 PM Report Spam
      thank u soooooooooo much for providing this much material
    • khalifa abolghasem from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 03 29 2010, 12:30 PM Report Spam
      thank you


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