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Exam: Advanced Security for Account Managers - ASAM
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Posted: 2013-06-30
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Download: Cisco.TestPassport.646-580.v2013-06-30.by.alcapone911.56q.vce

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    • rohan from United States 09 30 2013, 8:25 PM Report Spam
      Just passed the exam 973/1000.
      Thank you all for putting up this website. Dumps are 99.9%vaild. Make sure you study from book before you start dump.

      Next up CCNP!! Here I come!!!

    • mziwanda from Poland 09 26 2013, 12:53 PM Report Spam
      i passed a few hours ago with 1000/1000 ,Thank you JESUS. spike,sekhar and acme a 100% valid the choice is yours but i went through both once instead of repeating one dump a few times, labs were EIGRP, ACL 2, VTP both from 9tut.com
      Thanks a lot you guys for your comments in here ,they moved me a lottt, they filled my will and determination to do this like never before, i sude to believe this exam is very hard and almost impossible, it was actually as easy as walkin in the park.
    • Satya from Hong Kong 09 24 2013, 11:08 AM Report Spam
      I passed CCNA Exam yesterday
      This Dump is still valid , and The Sim in (VTP,ACL2,Eigrp) as 9tut.
      Thank For every one helped me to pass , Thank to Sekhar
    • Cesar from Mexico 09 20 2013, 4:55 AM Report Spam
      Hi Guys, i'm about to take the exam 200-120 and I was wondering if someone knows, how different is from the classic one 640-802?. Do you have some example questions??. I'm getting nervous…
    • khan from Pakistan 09 15 2013, 11:33 AM Report Spam
      What's the difference between sekhar and spike dumps? I think both are same. sekhar has a few more questions. Any help will be appreciated!
    • anon from United States 09 12 2013, 6:53 PM Report Spam
      Passed today 9/12/2013 with 972/1000 in United States. I studied mostly this dump, probably 45 out of the 51 questions were valid from this dump, BUT there were a few that I'd definitely never seen before. Labs were ACL2 / EIGRP / VTP and pretty darn close to the 9tut sims. Read the books, cram the entire dump (more than one if you have time), and do those three lab sims from 9tut in Packet Tracer over and over again the morning before the test!
    • CcnaGirl from Bosnia and Herzegovina 09 03 2013, 2:56 PM Report Spam
      Isnt the summarization for these /22, why are you telling /17 or /20 ???

      Because the real mask is /24, and i need to summarize 4 IPs, so that is 2 bits (2^2) so 24-2 is /22

    • AzuraMo from Canada 09 02 2013, 3:00 PM Report Spam
      Which command allows you to verify the encapsulation type (CISCO or IETF) for a frame relay link?
      A.show frame-relay map
      B.show frame-relay lmi
      C.show inter serial
      D.show frame-relay pvc

      Answer: A

      ref: Table 18-1 Frame Relay: Frame Relay Link Is Down –> http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/internetworking/troubleshooting/guide/tr1918.html

    • Mamun from Bangladesh 09 02 2013, 6:38 AM Report Spam
      Secured ccna with 1000/1000.Thanks to Allah..Special thanks to Todd Lammle,Geremy, Shekar ,spkies and 9tut.com.Simulation were acl2,eigrp and vtp with two drag & drop…Sub-netting is the key so beware of sub-netting..
    • rose from Philippines 08 27 2013, 12:24 PM Report Spam
      Hi everyone!
      Can anyone explain where did
      The network administrator needs to address seven LANs. RIP version 1 is the only routing protocol in use on the network and subnet 0 is not being used. What is the maximum number of usable IP addresses that can be supported on each LAN if the organization is using one class C address block?

      According to sekhar
      Ans 14
      RIP version 1 does not support VLSM information, so all networks must have the same subnet mask. In the network above, there are a total of 12 networks (6 LANs and 6 different point to point WAN connections). Therefore, if each of the 12 networks use the subnet mask, there will be a total of 16 networks with 14 usable hosts on each LAN.

      Can anyone explain where the 6LANs and 6 WAN connection come from?

      Please Im a bit confuse..

      Thanks in advance

    • mahdi hassan from Unknown 08 27 2013, 7:20 AM Report Spam
      just i passed yesterday 895 thank u so much #sekhar and spike all exam questions from the two dumps and the labs from 9tut was eigrp ,acl2,vtp
    • Al from United States 08 26 2013, 10:52 PM Report Spam
      Please help!!
      I failed the exam. I plan to retake the exam next week. Is the retake exam sims the same as VTP, EIGRP, ACL2 if not please advise what's the retake exam sims are.
    • sahar from Iran, Islamic Republic of 08 23 2013, 5:23 PM Report Spam
      Hi Guys
      i can open questions in this dump but not all of them(just 5) and i can not open sims. plz help me plz plz :-(
      for opening them i use visual certexam manager software
    • Deepesh from Canada 08 22 2013, 10:12 PM Report Spam
      Friends, please send me EIGRP and ACL 2 simlets. please thank you. i,ve found VTP sim on 9tu. not able to find this. please help ASAP. diipessh@yahoo.com thanks
    • Ashxheat from Pakistan 08 22 2013, 7:22 PM Report Spam
      This dumps have a hell of wrong question study spike instead
    • Brady from Unknown 08 20 2013, 8:07 PM Report Spam
      If anyone encounters a failing command like @Messina, try this

      From 9tut

      Note: There are some reports that the “show mac-address-table” command does notexist in the exam. So in the exam, if you cannot use the “show mac-address-table” command then try usingthe “show mac address-table” (without “-”) instead.

    • messinah from Zimbabwe 08 20 2013, 2:23 PM Report Spam
      passed today with 854/1000.
      labs were acl2,eigrp and vtp exactly as from 9tut. the show mac-address-table command on the sw on vtp lab was rejected and i failed to examine the mac address table of the switch 3.i dont know if there is any other command which will give us the mac address table. if so then study it. there were 47q and three labs only.9tut,spike662q and shekah are the sources.

      many thanks to 9tut,spike662q and shekah697q

      study the materials guys,you will pass also

    • Gianne Apale from Philippines 08 16 2013, 8:59 AM Report Spam
      guys please send me VTP EIGRP and ACL 2 simlets. please thank you. I've seen the simlets in 9tut and I'm not sure if the free simlets are enough. giannebernardapale@gmail.com thanks
    • fortune from Zimbabwe 08 13 2013, 3:47 PM Report Spam
      yah its true dynamic ACL exist – they are used to authenticate individual users and also you can set a time based security police.
    • Alvin from India 08 13 2013, 5:36 AM Report Spam
      dump is valid Please read spike, acme & shekar dumps ,,, 9tut.com for sim
    • MRX from France 08 08 2013, 11:25 AM Report Spam
      Al Hamdulillah, please, trust me, Allah helps you more than you can imagine…
      Believer have a such big advantage compared to others…
      I can only thanks Allah, and I will never be able to thanks him enough…

      You want to get it ?

      1# learn your Lessons (etc : CBTNuggets / INE / Wendel's Book, maybe Chris Briyant because he is cheap)

      2# Practice a lot on Sims ( Network Simulator(the best to learn), Packet Tracer, GNS3 if needed)

      #3 Practice a lot of Virtual Exam (Official ones like pearson)

      #4 Use Dump to LEARN, not to memorize,
      You can learn a lot with Dumps,
      on each question if you answer wrong, then do not memorize!
      go on google, and search the answer, go deeper, and try to understand everything from the question

      #5 Ask, Pray, implore Allah to help you, and to drives you to success.
      He is your partner durning your studies,
      He is your only help during the exam…

      05 Allah help everyone.

      Take care




    • black guy from Guyana 08 07 2013, 5:46 PM Report Spam
      Valid Dump. EIGRP, ACL and VTP sims came. I got 881/1000 (didn't complete the EIGRP sim its a tricky one). Salute to sekhar…they're right on the ball. This would be valid up untill the end of 09tember 2013 then the objectives change.
    • ana from Bolivia 08 07 2013, 5:14 PM Report Spam
      please someone could you please write here the link where I can download
      CCNA 640-802 Pass4Sure v10 freee , pleaseeeeee guyss pleaseeee
    • salman(CCNA) from India 08 05 2013, 3:48 PM Report Spam
      ALHAMDULILA(thanx to allah) i passed today with 920/1000 . labs were VTP EIGRP AND ACL 2 few new ques …contact me at mdsalman.049@gmail.com for any need :) ill help u if i can :D …and yeah last bt nt the least…the exam is easy as candy ..eat it and enjoy it :P
    • RAYMOND from Tanzania, United Republic of 07 31 2013, 9:42 AM Report Spam
      please anyone am preparing for CCNA exam on 6th sept 2013.
      i really need dump questions.
      Raymond from Dar es salaam,Tanzania
    • salman from India 07 31 2013, 4:48 AM Report Spam
      Can anybody please share their knowledge about the concept of IP OVERLAPPING …how does it occur and what is it..every response is appreciated
    • salman from India 07 29 2013, 3:40 AM Report Spam
      thanx for the response :) another small ques..i read dynamic ACL in ques of the dump but as per my knowledge there are only standard and extended ACL ..waiting for your precious responses ..
    • Mohammed from Unknown 07 29 2013, 2:24 AM Report Spam
      To joe and salman this is the right answer as I guess
      the answer is
      so before the summary each address has it own subnet of /24
      the network is Id) ….
      our four ip belong to this network
      /21 = 248

      Subnet mask= 255. 255.1111 1000.0000 0000 = 172. 16. 0000 0001.0000 0000 = 172. 16. 0000 0010.0000 0000 = 172. 16. 0000 0011.0000 0000 = 172. 16. 0000 0100.0000 0000

    • Joe from Ghana 07 28 2013, 8:51 PM Report Spam
      To summarize the IPs below. First you need to convert all the IPs to their binary format. To be fast enough, since all the IPs have their first 2 octets to be the same, I will keep them and convert the rest to binary. => 172.16.0000 0001.0000 0000 => 172.16.0000 0010.0000 0000 => 172.16.0000 0011.0000 0000 => 172.16.0000 0100.0000 0000

      All the binary digits that are the same on the left represent the summarized root and the rest of the digits to right are turned to zeroes.

      i.e. 172.16.0000 0000.0000 0000 =>

      The subnet mask is also calculated by turning the binary digits which are the same to left into 1’s and the remaining digits to right to zeroes.

      i.e. 1111 1111. 1111 1111. 1000 0000.0000 0000. By the counting ones which represent the network ID, we get /17 or
      I hope this is helpful.
      sorry for the first answer. i thought i could use some HTML tags to make the digits bold.

    • Joe from Ghana 07 28 2013, 8:44 PM Report Spam
      To summarize the IPs below. First you need to convert all the IPs to their binary format. To be fast enough, since all the IPs have their first 2 octets to be the same, I will keep them and convert the rest to binary. => <b>172.16.0000 0</b>001.0000 0000 => <b>172.16.0000 0</b>010.0000 0000 => <b>172.16.0000 0</b>011.0000 0000 => <b>172.16.0000 0</b>100.0000 0000

      All the binary digits that are the same on the left represent the summarized root and the rest of the digits to right are turned to zeroes.

      i.e. <b>172.16.0000 0</b>000.0000 0000 =>

      The subnet mask is also calculated by turning the binary digits which are the same to left into 1’s and the remaining digits to right to zeroes.

      i.e. <b>1111 1111. 1111 1111. 1</b>000 0000.0000 0000. By counting ones which represent the network ID, we get /17 or in the decimal dot notation. I hope this is helpful

    • salman from India 07 26 2013, 6:06 AM Report Spam
      can anyone tell me the summerization o fhte following.and please explain how you got it.


      and is

    • rasheed from United Kingdom 07 18 2013, 2:19 PM Report Spam
      Alhamdulillah, I jst passed ccna with 1000/1000, labs were vtp, eigrp, and acl2 all 4rm 9tut, I used spike and sekhar dump for practice,and it's 100% valid, acl( permit host d), vtp( same as 9tut), eigrp( wrong as and missing network)…..God bless sekhar, spike and everybody dat write comments on dis site it really helped me a lot….
    • 03tN from Philippines 07 10 2013, 3:22 PM Report Spam
      I passed today, 07y 10, 2013

      This dump is 100% valid! you may found some errors, but as you go studying along, you'll figure out the right answer. =)

      goodluck to all =)

      the exam is not that hard. . just focus studying, repeat repeat and repeat. . it's the mother of all skills. .

      sim Lab: EIGRP (wrong AS number/incomplete routing for network)
      ACL (block host B)
      VTP (show commands)

      Dumps: Spike / Sekhar

      thank you guys for the comments and words of encouragement.

    • fubad from United Kingdom 07 03 2013, 11:13 AM Report Spam
      I passed my ccna exam today! This dump is 95% valid. All dumbs have some errors, but they all help you to prepare for the exam! I think the best is from Sekhar and PrepKing. SIMs were VTP, ACL, EIGRP – the same as on 9tut. Watch out at SIM! I've used TAB for commands to autocomlete. The autocomplete worked, but the commands will not be accepted!! You have to enter them manually!
      Good luck for you all, and don't worry!
    • SIM2 from Saudi Arabia 06 24 2013, 8:39 AM Report Spam
      I passed my exam on 22nd 06 with score 841. I studied only Sekhar dumps a while of the exam date. Labs VTP, ACL2, EIGRP same as 9tut, only a few differences in VTP answers, but if you understand the commands well, no need to worry, you will be using the same only the answers were different. good luck all ..
      can anyone please assist me providing valid dumps for CCNP exams to study later on.. thanks
    • Arun Krish from India 06 18 2013, 3:20 AM Report Spam
      Hi all. Finally after 2 months of preparation, i passed CCNA. Came out with fllying colors actually.
      got 1000/1000. Sekhar is not just dumps, the explanations are awesome.
      My only tip for those who search in for positive comments here will be
      'Spike,Sekhar & Pass4sure dumps are enough to clear the exam.but do understand the concept behind the answers for dumps atleast.Because they tend to change the IPs and interface names in exam'
      All the best.People out there who are expecting a positive comment here, I WAS ONE AMONG YOU. Dont worry. you can easily pass CCNA if you have SPIKE, SHEKAR & PASS4SURE v 10
    • whoti from Korea, Republic of 06 07 2013, 5:44 AM Report Spam


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