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Exam: Introducing Cisco Voice and Unified Communications (ICOMM v8.0)
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Posted: 2013-04-26
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Download: Cisco.Lead2pass.640-461.v2013-04-26.by.Anonymous.119q.vce

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    • hossam ragab from Egypt 10 09 2012, 4:27 AM Report Spam
      Alhamdulellah I'm Pass today I'm Now CCNA this dump is valid all questions are valid
    • Abuhiba from Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 09 09 2012, 7:22 PM Report Spam
      Hi, I passed the exam using this version of pass4sure on 08,27 and it was really great help
    • ABUHAMZA from Egypt 09 09 2012, 11:27 AM Report Spam
      ????? ??? ?? ????????
      Thanks for ALLAH

      I have passed CCNA exam today same as dumps dumps are valid
      labs as 9tut

      ACL2 : has an added question line (( it will prevent host C from any other traffic on finance server ))
      EIGRP , VTP.

      I studied Collisio 487 and Bruce 564 perfectly and have a good look to Brar 631 and Mr Bean 642.

    • Migmar from United States 09 07 2012, 3:01 PM Report Spam
      @Dave >> Thanks. Well, the votes have gone lower for this dump. For me, about 44-45 questions came from this dump. However, since this has been little over 5 months, and you mentioned that you are going to take the exam in 2 weeks, I would suggest going over one of the dumps as well(the one with higher votes but read the reviews as well). That's my suggestions but it's your take. I hope this helps. Labs would be pretty much same from 9tut.com (EIGRP, ACL2 and VTP but sometimes ACL appears to). I hope this helps!
    • Migmar from United States 09 07 2012, 3:39 AM Report Spam
      @ Viet Dung >> Yes, the lab in the exam I receive were EIGRP, VTP, and ACL2. But I would suggest you to go over ACL as well.

      @ Dave >> I don't know about some people here, but I just took the exam today and almost all questions came from this dump. (only 5 questions were out of this dump). I hope this helps!

    • Viet Dung from Vietnam 09 07 2012, 3:00 AM Report Spam
      @Migmar hi !, can you show me Lab in CCNA exam?? , EIGRP, ACL 2, VTP, they are still valid ???
      Thank you very much!
    • Migmar from United States 09 06 2012, 8:16 PM Report Spam
      @Anonymous and @haters >> Stop mentioning that this dump is not valid. Go and get well prepared before you take the exam. Don't just let others down!
    • Migmar from United States 09 06 2012, 8:14 PM Report Spam
      Okay, here's my update. I just took the exam an hour ago. This dump is still 100% valid. There were about 5 questions out of this dump. Also, under the VTP sim questions, with one of the questions which says "Which switch did Switch3 receive vlan information from?", there wasn't an IP address under "Last modified by" when you use the "Show vtp status" command. Besides this question, only the IP addresses were modified with Sim questions. Got 920/1000. Again, this dump is still 100% valid. Go guys and certified! Lastly, thanks a million to 9tut.com and examcollection.com. #CCNACertified.
    • Migmar from United States 09 06 2012, 3:20 PM Report Spam
      I am taking the exam today. Is it still valid? I've prepared for a long time. Any suggestion, people? This Anonymous says it is no more valid. Will take the test in an hour and half.
    • Anonymous from Pakistan 09 06 2012, 12:27 PM Report Spam
      These dumps are no more valid….
    • Joe from Indonesia 09 03 2012, 6:59 AM Report Spam
      just passed today with 1000 / 1000 …

      studied dump from Mr.Bean & Bruce in examcollection, all from there.. only get 1 new question.

      lab almost same as 9 tut as long as you know the concept its piece of cake

      * ACL2
      * EIGRP
      * VTP

      thats it.. good luck everyone

    • Amr Mostafa from Egypt 09 02 2012, 10:58 PM Report Spam
      Allhamdulillah, just Passed today ( 9/2/2012 ) with score 864/1000
      i was hopping to get more than that,specially that all the questions was from this dump,not even 1q was out of this dump,but i really don't know what was my mistakes,……anyway thanks to allah for my success,
      And i recommend going to take this exam in a few days or weeks,
      Don't full your brain or mind with a lot of questions in other dumps,
      this dump is perfect & you'll not need to study more than 564q that in this dump besides labs at 9tut.com…….
      i guarantee to u to succeed 100% (over 825 points).
      At the end
      thnx to bruce,
      thnx to 9tut
      And Greetings from E G Y P T
    • BRN from Brazil 08 31 2012, 2:57 PM Report Spam
      This dump is pretty good!
      I passed today with 933, sims were EIGRP, VTP and ACL the same from 9tut, but, only IP address were different
    • roger from Tanzania, United Republic of 08 31 2012, 1:53 PM Report Spam
      passed today with 973,sims were eigrp,vtp and access-list as 9tut..thanks to God,9tut and exam collection
    • bham from United Kingdom 08 29 2012, 2:30 PM Report Spam
      hie guys, passed today. dumps are valid. same sims. vtp was altered with diff revision no. one was server with rev no 6 and one was client with rev no .
      rest all is same. good luck…..!
    • arman from Indonesia 08 28 2012, 4:14 AM Report Spam
      Allhamdulillah, just Pass TODAY score 894/1000
      my target is 1000/1000 this exam .. buat when i see my pass score, i just saw cisco said "U MAD BRO" LOL

      The SIM still like 9tut. ACL,VTP and EIGRP. i think i miss in VTP question.

      and BEWARE!! the answer order is random!

    • Ahmed Salman from Sri Lanka 08 27 2012, 4:27 PM Report Spam
      @ Arman Thanks a lot bro, and 05ank is right yes there is a slight change only in ACL2

      There were only 2 server
      1. Finance
      2. Public

      There is a little change on ACL2 Question today, They asked to allow Host D to access web to Finance server other then web (port 80) all IP should block accessing finance from all host and CORE LAN including HOST D by allowing web access to Host D.

      And CORE Lan should have all the IP access to Public server including Host D.

      Sims (VTP, EIGRP) are same no changes…

      Thanks friend any doubt I’m open Salman_latino@yahoo.com u all welcome.

    • 05ank from India 08 27 2012, 2:58 PM Report Spam
      @Arman…came to know from pass4sure….checked with Rahul from India who appeared the exam today and he said a slight change is there in SIM….so not to worry I guess ….but he got 5 new questions which are not there in sekhar…
    • arman from Indonesia 08 27 2012, 1:56 PM Report Spam
      @05ank where did u get the info bout the question sim in change? base on @Ahmed Salman the sim question is still like 9tut? hav u take the exam ?
    • 05ank from India 08 27 2012, 9:26 AM Report Spam
      Hi friends,

      Came to know that the SIM questions are changed today..is it true and if it is kindly update the recent SIM questions..

    • arman from Indonesia 08 27 2012, 8:20 AM Report Spam
      @Ahmed Salman Subhannalah, thank you for information bout this dump is 100% valid. happy eid muabarak for u. may Allah always be with you.
    • Ahmed Salman from Sri Lanka 08 27 2012, 7:57 AM Report Spam
      Al-Hamdu lillah,

      I passed CCNA exam today promise this dums 100% valid, @ UNK Ur misleading our friends and ur a lire, please frnds who going to have CCNA exam just study this dump and have a thorough knowledge in CLI and theory u can pass this exam easily, just i finished my exam eith in 1 hour, this dump 100% validm, First thanks Allah, And bruce brother ur awsome and thanks a lot, sims are (ACL2, VTP, EIGRP), and 9tut is the best…

      TODAY I PASS MY EXAM WITH 947/1000

      Thanks Bruce and 9tut.com once again…

    • nerd from United States 08 25 2012, 9:00 PM Report Spam
      " The Best People , The Best For People " Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

      Dear friends, I like you, I like the best for you.

      For that reason I encourage u since u have prepared very well in the summer to go a head and take the exam and here is my precious advice from my experience :

      Review the notes u took from the videos (Jeremy- cbt nuggets) , then start with these exams Pass4sure all questions come from this pool.

      u may ask me about Dumps such as Bruce whose high rating , it's good but a few mistakes it has , but after u finish P4S WORK ON Bruce questions ESPECIALLY Part F :

      Another important advice , if u answered a question wrong and u couldn't understand the reason for the answers , just Google key part of the question and u will find the answer explained on 9tut.com most (% 95) of the dump questions are explained on it.

      For simulations, use sims lab on 9tut.com , same questions come vtp , ACl2 and Eigrp and rarely Nat comes , all are easy.

      Last advice, while u r solving exams take some notes and the number of smart questions or sometimes weird questions and review them before the exam day.

      u can definitely take the exam in two weeks , since u r such a nerd !

      I passed yesterday, vtp acl2 and eigrp ( in EIGRP no I had to announce all networks in the main node R1) , no help is allowed , but short commands work such as en / conf t … u can finish the exam in 1 hour but chillax it's better . Good luck !

    • Migmar from United States 08 25 2012, 5:11 PM Report Spam
      @ arman & @ isles >> Thanks guys. I am kind of relieved now. lol. For a second, @UNK 's response made be become little skeptic.
    • Billy from Unknown 08 25 2012, 1:40 PM Report Spam
      guys! this dump is only 100 questions? or i DL a corrupt file?
    • arman from Indonesia 08 25 2012, 7:03 AM Report Spam
      @Migmar yes, this dump still valid. and u correction is right, the answer is wrong in this dump bout the disable and fowarding thing. thank you for your correction dude.
    • isles from Korea, Republic of 08 25 2012, 6:33 AM Report Spam
      Hi guys! i passed exam today (in korea 8/25/2012)

      I got 894 score!

      I've seen only this dump and 9tut's sim (ACL, EIGRP, VTP)
      (This dump is still valid.)

      thank you for Bruce and 9tut!!

    • Migmar from United States 08 25 2012, 4:19 AM Report Spam
      Hello Everyone, is this dump still valid bcoz I will be taking my exam in next couple of weeks for sure? Please advise.

      There are also two questions I think it is wrong in the dump.

      1) The two port states for converged states are Blocking and forwarding, right?
      Because one of the answers says disabled and forwarding.

      2) There is a question with the answer dual ring topology. Isn't it supposed to be
      due to redundant topology.


    • arman from Indonesia 08 24 2012, 6:15 AM Report Spam
      @UNK u sure?? i think this dump is 100% valid, the order of answer is too
    • UNK from Germany 08 22 2012, 8:46 PM Report Spam
      Studied four vce's Dillon 636q, Brar631q, Mr Bean 642q, Bruce 564q and still failed. There are tons of new questions in the pool that are not in these VCE's.
    • chinnu from India 08 22 2012, 7:24 PM Report Spam
      Passed CCNA …dups valid same simulations with different IP .Thanks to Bruce and 9tut.com
      good luck all
    • bham from United Kingdom 08 22 2012, 2:54 PM Report Spam
      failed. got 801/825.
      dumps are valid and sims were acl2, eigrp, vtp.
      will retake this exam. thanks to examcollection and 9tut.
    • arman from Indonesia 08 20 2012, 6:13 AM Report Spam
      Hei @papus if ANYONE see passive-interface s1/0 was enable. double check it if its link R1 to ISP. just LEAVE IT!! becouse link R1 to ISP dont neet EIGRP. but if u see passive-interface on ant R1-R2 or (R3,R4) you should type no passive-interface .. ( may switch be with you )
    • Nadz from Fiji 08 19 2012, 7:03 AM Report Spam
      Hi all. Just a quick question. Can i use ? i.e. HELP for the LAB questions in the actual CCNA exam?
    • papus from Canada 08 18 2012, 5:26 AM Report Spam
      I fall today with 669 and i did only 28 questions the time was not enough for me.
      My problem was the sim eirgp it was the same with 9tut but passive-interface s1/0 was enable so i tape no passive-interface serial 1/0 no success and 1/0/0 so i lost mutch time for vtp the same too but show mac-address dont work use show mac.
      For the eirgp can you tell me witch command disable passive interface that can i tape serial.
      thanks for help
    • Bilal A Khan from Canada 08 17 2012, 6:34 PM Report Spam
      Just cleared my exam with 947 …. feels great !!!
    • Muhammad from Pakistan 08 15 2012, 5:47 AM Report Spam
      Passed exam with 947/1000 marks
    • aman sufi from Unknown 08 13 2012, 1:58 AM Report Spam
      hi frnds ..
      I have pas ccna with 960 marks
      frnds he you have any doubts regarding ccna exam i ready to solve any problem you can just mail me at aman.mim80@gmail.com
      for updates about ccna follow my blog validccnadumps.blogspot.com
    • pacman from United States 08 13 2012, 12:15 AM Report Spam
      Has anyone ever failed the exam and retaken it? Do you know if they give you the same simulations? I got VTP, ACL2 and EIGRP sims. Do you know if they will change if I retake?
    • kashif from United Kingdom 08 12 2012, 5:55 PM Report Spam
      ammad: Thanks for you help. Problem resolve
    • packet from Unknown 08 12 2012, 3:26 PM Report Spam
      Hi All,
      I need to know , in simulation labs , can I use tab and question mark to see the commands.
    • Ciscoooo from Egypt 08 12 2012, 2:30 PM Report Spam
      Thnx Thnx more than thnx to Jesus i have passed
      this exam valid 98% all labs 9tut.com vtp & acl2 & eigrp
      only 3 questions out this dump
    • Daniel from Unknown 08 11 2012, 11:58 PM


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