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Download: Cisco.Certkiller.700-410.v2013-10-03.by.Lisa.39q.vce

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    • KidWitGame from Kenya 05 22 2012, 6:23 AM Report Spam
      Guys, thanks for all your input with the questions.I am wondering, does anyone have the simulations/testlets that are contained in the exam.I am yet to see any of these
    • juice3 from United States 05 17 2012, 2:48 PM Report Spam
      Refer to the exhibit. The INSIDE zone has been configured and assigned to two separate router interfaces. All other zones and interfaces have been properly configured. Given the configuration example shown, what can be determined?

      Exibit shows policy statements for same zone pairs – This is expected to be a Pre 15.0.1M code question and has been on dumps for a long time.

      A. Hosts in the INSIDE zone, with addresses in the network, can access any host in
      the network using the SSH protocol.
      B. If a host in the INSIDE zone attempts to communicate via SSH with another host on a different
      interface within the INSIDE zone, communications must pass through the router self zone using
      the INTRAZONE policy.
      C. This is an illegal configuration. You cannot have the same source and destination zones.
      D. This policy configuration is not needed, traffic within the same zone is allowed to pass by
      Answer: D

      Explanation: Pre 15.0.1M This is the correct answer, I don't think Cisco changedt he answer that's why they ask it a different way in the other question. You put (A) in your VCE.

    • neil from United Kingdom 05 17 2012, 9:50 AM Report Spam
      In Cisco IOS 15.0.1M code for the router platform, which new feature has been added to the zone based policy firewall?
      A. removal of support for port-to-application matching
      B. ability to configure policies for traffic that is traveling between interfaces in the same security zone
      C. intrazone traffic is not freely permitted by default now
      D. NBAR is not compatible with transparent firewall

      Guide says……………………..

      Page 299,
      Intrazone traffic is freely permitted by default; only IOS Release 15.0.1M and higher will support intrazone policies.

      Page 300
      Prior to IOS Release 15.0.1M, all traffic that was sourced and destined for devices inside the same zone was freely permitted. With this IOS release, the ability to configure a zone pair with the same zone as both source and destination is possible; this enables you to apply policies for traffic traveling within the same zone across the device.

      Most suitable will be : B

    • juice3 from United States 05 17 2012, 3:05 AM Report Spam
      Item 15/134 – Traffic in the same zone is allowwed to pass by default. ~


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