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Exam: Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (DCUCI)
Size: 2.63 MB
Posted: 2013-03-13
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Download: Cisco.BrainDump.642-999.v2013-03-13.by.Dragan.89q.vce

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    • Fil from Portugal 02 20 2013, 5:23 PM Report Spam
      Passed today! Labs: ACL2, EIGRP, VTP

      Good luck!

    • Abdul Latif from United States 01 19 2013, 3:21 PM Report Spam
      People, Today, I have purchased CCNA file from Test-inside for 80$. I only received 2 activation code, which I have already used. If anyone can explain how to bypass this activation or how to create a VCE file from it, I can send this file to all of you….. Let me know…
    • Aziz from Pakistan 12 29 2012, 3:15 PM Report Spam
      640-802 Question Answer free download for preparation
    • ali from Pakistan 12 22 2012, 7:18 PM Report Spam
      otto right ans is………..
      Which encapsulation type is a Frame Relay encapsulation type that is supported by Cisco routers?
      Ans: HDLC
      HDLC is cisco defult protocol
    • Otto from Spain 11 24 2012, 3:21 PM Report Spam
      Hey guys need help

      Which encapsulation type is a Frame Relay encapsulation type that is supported by Cisco routers?

      A. Q9333-AAnnexA
      B. ANSI Annex D
      C. HDLC
      D. IETF

      Which answer is right?

      I think (D)

    • Prince Joseph from India 10 08 2012, 8:42 AM Report Spam
      Hey guys, i took my ccna test today 10 08 2012 and passed with a score of 881. The questions were from Sekhar.697.vce. There were maybe 2 or 3 questions which were not in Sekhar's dumps. The sims were EIGRP, ACL and the simlet was VTP, all 3 from 9tut.com. Total of 50 questions in all to be done in 2hrs. All the best, my fellow-mates!
    • Friend from Pakistan 10 04 2012, 9:02 PM Report Spam
      CCNA 58% discounted voucher available for any country…contact on email
    • memphisian from United States 10 04 2012, 4:10 PM Report Spam
      Thank Jeff from Belgium for sharing good information
    • easys2 from Czech Republic 10 04 2012, 9:57 AM Report Spam
      Just came from that exam thing, questions are valid BUT not all have valid answers! You ladies who fail and 100% rely on answers from this, you dont deserve a certificate!!!
    • conglaithanh from Vietnam 10 01 2012, 10:25 AM Report Spam
      At NetPro VietNam 16h 01/10/2012
      Tks for brue , sekhar , mix and mix , mr.bean and 9tut.com…so on …
      I passed exam ccna today with 960/1000 sore , simulations are vtp acl2 eigrp ..
      see cisco again at route exam about 30 days >>> Hehe
    • John from United States 09 28 2012, 7:43 PM Report Spam
      Dump is still valid. Took my test today and passes. lot of same questons on here. Just letting you know.
    • Ali from Egypt 09 27 2012, 2:09 AM Report Spam
      This Dump Doesnt Seem Good … Got Some Wrong Answers!!

      And Sassy Failed When Using iT!


      @ Sassy Check CBT Nuggets With Jermy … The Videos oF Him..

    • Paul from Romania 09 26 2012, 5:32 PM Report Spam
      Hi guys,

      The cisco website says 45-55 questions, but this has around 100/version so what's up with that?


    • jeet from Germany 09 25 2012, 2:42 PM Report Spam
      After reading the reviews here, and myself being a slacker on not reading the CISCO books. I decided to buy prepking CCNA exam with 650 questions.
      Took the exam today and passed with flying colors. Every single question was from PK 650 dump. Labs were EIGRP, ACL2, VTP.
    • anuj from India 09 25 2012, 2:23 PM Report Spam
      I got pass today..Dumps are still valid 100%
    • Jeff from Belgium 09 25 2012, 11:46 AM Report Spam
      @ SSay
      Check the site below

      Good luck

    • SSay from New Zealand 09 25 2012, 9:54 AM Report Spam
      Failed yesterday got 610 only, dump is not valid it got only about 10-15 questions from it. Sims are from 9tut eigrp,acl2 & VTP.

      My subnetting is sucks, anyone can suggest good and easy subnetting material.


    • Todd from United States 09 24 2012, 10:52 PM Report Spam
      Hello all I failed the test on Saturday, all questions are in brar vce, sims are on 9tut eigrp acl2 ospf
    • Jeff from Belgium 09 24 2012, 8:52 AM Report Spam
      Hi all
      I passed on friday and didnt study any dump, i only used 9tut to study for the sim and the theory as well, i recommend you to do the same 9tut is way better than any dump every question has an explanation, so you not only memorize the answers but u learn the concept as well.
      One more Tip as soon you enter the exam center before you click to start the exam write on paper all the possible combinations of subnets
      ( 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1) 128+64 = 192 etc, so that you dont loose time doing the math once you start with the exam, write the all cmds as well on the paper ( sh spanning-tree, sh cdp neighbors, sh vlan..etc) it will save u a lot of time , in case you are nervous and you forget it you have it on paper.
      i hope it helps. Good luck all.
    • Wang from France 09 23 2012, 6:17 AM Report Spam
      Did the test on Friday and failed, there were lot of new questions. This dump is no longer valid, at least not 100% valid.
    • dude from United States 09 23 2012, 1:25 AM Report Spam
      Passed today 986/1000. I used 9tut and Sekhar dump. Saw a couple new questions and the labs were 9tut vtp, eigrp, acl. The acl was a little different had to allow host B access to http on fin. server but deny it all other acces and allow access from other host to second server. Good luck all study hard and thank you as well.
    • Girchen from Brazil 09 22 2012, 4:42 PM Report Spam
      Hi Folks again

      In the sekhar dump this answer is IP: and MAC 000f.2480.8916.

      Good Luck for all!

    • Girchen from Brazil 09 22 2012, 4:36 PM Report Spam
      Hi folks,

      I have a question for discussion, the question "After Host A pings Host B, witch entry will be in the ARP cache of Host A to support this transmission?" have the answer alternative letter "A = IP: and MAC: 000f.2480.8916" , but it is not correct, this option correct is "D = IP and MAC: 000f.2480.8916".

      I created a laboratory in Packtracer and make the test, and answer is letter D, don't show in table arp the IP, only and the mac-address.

      Someone have other opnion?

    • hassan from Egypt 09 22 2012, 12:57 AM Report Spam
      @sarmad u would better study dump sekhar and brar and http://www.9tut.com for sim labs and good luck
    • Gehan from Sri Lanka 09 21 2012, 5:15 PM Report Spam
      Hey guys,I just passed 986 marks, this dump valid 100%. almost same but simulation question of eigrp has modified. We have add network added router network) and we have change the newly connected router eigrp as no(22 -> 112).
    • John from India 09 20 2012, 7:07 AM Report Spam
      Passed with 1000/1000 P4S dumps from techproyk.blogspot .in are 100% valid.
    • Haris from India 09 18 2012, 10:59 AM Report Spam
      Hi nue,
      You will be given 20 min of grace, if your taking exam from such country their native language is not english.
      So 90+20 = 110 min
    • Deepesh from United States 09 17 2012, 3:17 PM Report Spam
      passed today, dumps are perfect. Covers all questions.
    • nue from United States 09 17 2012, 2:46 PM Report Spam
      is anyone know anything about extra time for examiner how there language is not English? PLZ any information could help.
    • Nic from Taiwan 09 17 2012, 8:15 AM Report Spam
      It still is vaild.I passed on 09 15. 904/825
    • TRAP from United States 09 17 2012, 4:06 AM Report Spam
      @ ash 9tut.com my friend…

      if you learn all topics to the right for 640-902 you will be fine…. just know the Sims in and out……they account for most of the points on the exam…..

    • ash from Fiji 09 16 2012, 8:39 PM Report Spam
      Hi u guys there….well i have just finished with CCNA academy and I want to try my Prometric exam (640-802)……I am wondering where exactly I can get past exam questions with a simulator so which would allow me to practise and get perfect.


    • coca from United States 09 15 2012, 8:36 AM Report Spam
      All questions from prepking 640-802 650 questions. Got 1000/1000 every single question was word to word. Labs from 9tut Refer to this dump to download the testing engine http://www.examcollection.com/cisco/Cisco.PrepKing.640-802.v2012-08-03.by.Brar.631q.vce.file.html
    • Zakaria from India 09 14 2012, 7:24 AM Report Spam
      You should read the books i mean CCNA study guide like Todd lammle to pass the exam
    • Cleiton de Moura Leal from Brazil 09 13 2012, 5:59 PM Report Spam
    • mmmmmmm from Egypt 09 13 2012, 3:03 PM Report Spam
    • quickbrownfox from Philippines 09 13 2012, 11:08 AM Report Spam
      not seen the entire exam, though i saw 2 to 4 incorrect items on Exam A.
    • kasi from Germany 09 12 2012, 11:37 AM Report Spam
      ok, did pass tody and mostly used this dump:


      nearly all of my 50 questions were included. only 1 was not. for the labs i highly recommend 9tut! faild nearly ever task in the switch troubleshooting lab, bcause i specialized on routers…

      good luck to you all.

    • 07fikar Ali from India 09 12 2012, 6:26 AM Report Spam
      Alhamdul-illah ! Thankx to the almighty allah that i passed my CCNA global with 867 on 11/09/2012.I also like to thank my CCNA instructor Arkhydeep Sir and Nagendra for his help and support and last but not the least UT !
      I gave my exam at kolkata center at 3:00 pm slot ! I would like to share my experience with you guys !
      First of all i would like to give you a advice that while memorising the 3 answer questions and 2 answer questions try to remember the amnswer properly because if you just memorise the Option number than
      you will get confused (Which happened to me during real exam) because the options in real CCNA are not the exact sequence as u learn in the dums ! I had 3 sims ACL-2 the 1st variant with ip address changed and i had to block host D from web access,EIGRP with AS no 23,VTP 5 questions !
      3 drag n drop question,i remember those 1 was ANTIVIRUS ,2nd was Verify the URL and 3 was the Mac address .9999 .3333.
      I got 92% in sims but was mainly confused in the 3 answer and 2 answer questions thats y ended up with a score of 867.
      For gaining knowldge i prepared from Tood Lammle abd CBT nuggets ! You should maibly clear your subbnetting concept thats very important for the exam as well as for your future!
      I mainly prepared the BRAR,and Sekhar dums ! And there was a rumor that the SIMS got changed but i didnt find any change in those !
    • Arash from Unknown 09 11 2012, 9:31 PM Report Spam
      Dear all
      i want to schedule for ccna exam in next 2 week did enough learn this dumps ?
      for lab questions just take 9tut site?
      and any thing else did i must to know please tel me.


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